CCH OneClick and CCH Open Integration Key Features

Watch these short videos to learn more about the key features of CCH OneClick and CCH Open Integration.

CCH OneClick is a secure set of cloud tools, accessed in one place and fully integrated with CCH Central so you can connect, communicate and collaborate with clients – any time, anywhere, on any device!

Your practice has a single place where you can manage all client communications, and clients have their own document centre for instant access to all their important documents. Collaboration is cloud-based. Access is 24/7.

CCH Open Integration allows you to pull the transactional data that is available from third-party bookkeeping systems and map them to the appropriate nominal coding structure within CCH Accounts Production.

CCH OneClick – Digital Tax Account and Commit to Tax

CCH OneClick – Easy MTD client approval process

CCH Accounts Production working with CCH Open Integration

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