CCH KPI Monitoring

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Marketing and practice development can be a challenge for accounting practices.

Everyone has found themselves asking "Why wasn't I told about this?" on at least one occasion. In fact, for many harassed partners and practice managers, it's a regular feature of their working lives!

CCH KPI Monitoring continually monitors events, deadlines and targets then sends automated emails to confirm completion or report variances:

  • The money laundering forms for a new client have just been completed

  • A staff member's timesheet is late

  • A client's books and records are now overdue

  • The non-productive time for staff within a particular department is reaching a threshold

  • Total WIP for your clients has exceeded a certain limit

How this software can help your practice


Minimise risk

Find out about situations while you can still do something about them, and before they become problems.


Reduce admin

By making sure that the day-to-day stuff gets done with as little fuss as possible, CCH KPI Monitoring lets you focus on more important thing


Distribution list

Alerts can be sent by email to any number of individuals within, or outside, the practice. Even when they're out of the office, partners and managers can keep up to date with what's happening.


Full information

CCH KPI Monitoring can automatically generate a report to attach to the alert email. Admin staff no longer have to waste time manually running and distributing weekly or monthly reports, chasing timesheets or checking information.


Setup and maintenance

Alerts and business rules are simple to set up and edit. Triggers can come from applications across the CCH software suite, including practice management, tax and accounts production.


Maintain standards

Monitor workflow and enforce practice procedures, such as sending out an engagement letter within a set timeframe.


Integration in action

CCH KPI Monitoring is part of the CCH Central software suite, allowing it to use data from other members of the suite.

  • Practice management - CCH KPI Monitoring can interrogate information held in CCH Practice Management to report on WIP, debtors days, billing, timesheets and much more.

  • Tax - Using information held in CCH Personal Tax, CCH KPI Monitoring can report on tax return status for individual clients or across the client base, compliance deadlines, tax return approval and final submission.

  • Accounts production - The information held in CCH Accounts Production can be used to report on the receipt of client records, the progress of accounts, final approval and other targets and triggers.

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