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CCH Document Management has been designed specifically for accountants to help them store, search and retrieve emails, softcopy and paper documents

CCH Document Management software makes it easier and safer to manage and share information in an accounting practice, including emails and attachments, softcopy documents, PDFs and scanned originals. Because it uses client and contact information held in CCH Central, the filing overheads often associated with document management are eliminated.

How this software can help your practice

Full email support

Centralise customer emails 

File all emails and related documents in a single, central location rather than spread across disconnected personal email inboxes.

Automatic filing

Automatic filing

Because it's part of CCH Central the CCH Document Management software identifies emails and documents and so that it can file them against the correct contact with minimal intervention.



User logons, audit trails and secure storage help protect company and client information and make disaster recovery easier. Implement a consistent firm-wide retention policy with automated expiry dates.

Access anytime, anywhere.png

Access anytime, anywhere

Being out of the office no longer means being out of touch. Whether you're on the road, at a client's site or working from home, documents and emails are all still instantly available.

Document creation

Document creation

Create standard documents from easily edited templates, pre-populated with the contact information held in CCH Central, such as name, address, date of birth and debtor balance.



Automate the movement of letters and documents through the practice by applying workflow templates.


Working with CCH OneClick 

CCH OneClick is a new workspace for you and your clients. Working with CCH Document Management:

  • Provides your clients with instant, secure access to all the documents, files and compliance output you want to share with them, together with secure messaging and document approval.
  • Helps your GDPR compliance efforts because it links directly to client records held in CCH Central it can eliminate the chance of mistyped email addresses.
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