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Whether it's finding prospects, running campaigns or measuring marketing return, professionals can benefit from purpose-built CRM software.

Marketing and practice development can be a challenge for accounting practices.

Whether it's finding prospects or generating opportunities, running campaigns or measuring marketing return, professionals can benefit from purpose-built CRM software. But how do you choose the right one? How do you implement it alongside existing processes? And, most importantly, how do you integrate it into your existing software systems? The answer to all these questions is Wolters Kluwer's CCH CRM powered by Workbooks.

How this software can help your practice


Cost effective

No hardware or software costs, just a cost-effective annual subscription based on the number of users requiring access.



All you need is a computer with a web browser and you can access your business applications from anywhere.


Data visibility

CCH CRM software breaks down silos of data so that everyone in the practice has a consistent view of client activity, allowing you to implement accurate and up to the minute reporting across the whole team.


Seamless integration

CCH CRM is integrated with CCH Central so that all your marketing activity uses the latest client and contact data.


Visibility and control

By providing your practice with all the information it needs, quickly and easily, CCH CRM gives you clear visibility of your pipeline of opportunities with existing clients and prospects. By untangling the complexities of your client and prospect data, CCH CRM helps you make the right decisions to grow your practice.


Straightforward implementation

Migrate data, add users and customise settings at the click of a button - it really is that simple. If you need more help getting started, we can provide you with as much support as you want.


Powered by workbooks

CCH CRM is powered by Workbooks, founded in the UK in 2007 and now one of the fastest growing providers of web-based CRM and business applications. The service has won analyst recognition and a number of important awards and customer accolades, including several in the past year.

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CCH CRM powered by Workbooks - the solution from Wolters Kluwer to allow you to manage marketing and client data from a single location

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