CCH Company Secretarial Software

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A comprehensive cloud solution for managing all company secretarial requirements

Preparing and filing confirmation statements, issuing shares, dealing with resignations and new appointments, maintaining statutory records... Company secretarial work can be a time consuming activity.

CCH Company Secretarial is a cloud-based system which makes the entire process as quick and efficient as possible. It reduces paper, consolidates information into a single system and eliminates the need to re-key data.

How this software can help your practice


Quick setup

If data for a company already exists on the Companies House database this can be uploaded straight into CCH Company Secretarial simply by entering the company registration number. Any company that you form through CCH Company Secretarial will automatically be added to the Companies House database.


Company information

The integrated formation service – supported by company law specialists, First Corporate – allows you to form new companies and automatically populates CCH Company Secretarial, particularly helpful for more complex or offshore formations.



Get access anywhere, anytime using desktop or mobile devices, including tablets – just visit CCH Secretarial to get started. The secure cloud library holds signed minutes and other company documents.



User access rights can be set for each individual member of staff. No restriction on the number of users.


Simplified data entry

The browser-based interface and logical arrangement of functions makes it easy to add and maintain all information



CCH Company Secretarial maintains statutory and other records and helps you to produce all the necessary forms and reports including:

  • - The minutes of AGMs and directors’ meetings

  • - Share certificates and stock transfer forms

  • - Dividend warrants

  • - HMRC Form 42

  • - Formatted information for your practice registered office board



File annual returns and other forms online, with an annual return checklist to help you verify all data before e-filing. Forms are pre-populated with the data held in CCH Company Secretarial.


Monitoring filing deadlines

A list of upcoming deadlines is displayed prominently on the system’s opening screen. Alerts can also be sent by email so that important filing deadlines are never missed.

Evaluation account

Why not try CCH Company Secretarial for yourself? Our evaluation account allows you to maintain records for up to two companies completely free of charge. Visit CCH Secretarial and click on the register here link to create your free account. You can also download the full Quick start guide from that website.


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