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Marketing and practice development can be a challenge for accounting practices.


Your practice relies on information. Information about your clients and their businesses; information about the tasks that have to be performed and the resources available to carry out the work; information about time, fees, profitability and WIP.

The chances are you've already got all the information you need. The challenge is making sure that everyone can make best use of it.

CCH Central is more than just a central database. It provides an environment in which programs within the CCH software suite can intelligently share information. And it makes that information available, wherever and whenever its needed.

How this software can help your practice


Custom views 

CCH Central combines information from multiple applications on a single, customisable 'home page'. Everyone within the practice gets to see what they need, when they need it, in a way that suits them. 

Quicker results 

The intuitive, browser-style interface makes it easy for everyone - even occasional users - to find what they want. You only have to learn a function once to be able to use it anywhere.

Greater insight

See at a glance what's important this minute or this month. Whether you're a partner checking fees and profits, a manager monitoring deadlines and workload or a member of staff performing tasks and entering timesheets, CCH Central shows you exactly what you need in order to do your job.


Better client service

Get a complete picture of your clients and your practice, without having to swap between individual programs. Integrated workflow tools help you allocate resources, monitor deadlines and avoid bottlenecks.


Enhanced practice development

Integrated marketing tools - such as a powerful, in-built bulk emailing function - allow you to promote your practice more effectively, generating additional fees for extra services and attracting more clients. Simple drag and drop reporting opens up your practice data, making information instantly accessible without the need for specialist reporting tools.

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The Wolters Kluwer software suite has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2018 Software Excellence Awards.  In the words of the organisers, the shortlist - based on thousands of user surveys - highlights "the stand-out developers who are going above and beyond and exceeding their customers' needs."

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Integration in action

Strategic decision making - When used with CCH Practice Management, the customisable home pages of CCH Central make the key indicators of practice efficiency and profitability instantly available for scrutiny by partners and managers.