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Webinar: Bookkeeping – your new high-profit, high-growth service line

2020-04-22T09:25:24+01:0015 April 2020|Categories: |Tags: , , , , , , |

Join this webinar with Dean Shepherd and Martin Patmore who will give you their best practice tips and demonstrate how to combine Basecone document scanning and Twinfield bookkeeping with CCH Accounts Production to streamline the end-to-end automation of your data.

Webinar: How to get ahead in the new tax year

2020-04-01T16:42:06+01:0025 February 2020|Categories: Video Webinar|Tags: , , , , , |

Watch this webinar with Dean Shepherd, Lead Technology Manager for Compliance and product expert Nick Moss, to discover hidden tips and tricks within CCH Personal Tax and CCH Return Review that will kick start your preparations for the new tax year.

What you need to know about the delay to the end of the soft-landing period for MTD for VAT

2020-04-07T16:37:53+01:0013 February 2020|Categories: Practices, MTD, Compliance, Digitalisation, Tax|Tags: , , , |

As we approach the first anniversary of Making Tax Digital for VAT, we will see the end of the 12 month “soft landing period”. There is plenty of coverage about what constitutes a digital link come 1 April 2020. Here is exactly what you need to know.

Building a future-fit practice: Mitigating the uncontrollable factors that influence your practice

2020-02-20T13:39:06+00:007 February 2020|Categories: Productivity, Compliance, Digitalisation, Tax, Small Practice, Growing Practice, Large Practice, Corporates|Tags: , , , , |

While you may have little or no control over many external factors in a rapidly changing industry, being aware of them is important to mitigate their impact. Here are three trends with the potential to affect your business directly.

Three ways to make the most of your practice software

2020-01-07T09:47:47+00:0021 November 2019|Categories: Practices, Productivity, Accounting, Digitalisation, Technology|Tags: , , , , |

Your investment in software should not stop at installation. There is still work to be done to make the most of your software investment. Find out how you can get the biggest return on your investment.

Why eliminating manual data re-entry is the best thing for your practice

2019-11-14T10:53:40+00:0014 November 2019|Categories: Practices, Productivity, Accounting, Technology|Tags: , , , , , |

Manual data entry can have a corrosive effect on your practice efficiency and reputation if mistakes are ever made. Time savings and guaranteed accuracy are sacrificed each time a piece of data is manual entered or re-entered. Find out why eliminating that risk will be the best thing for your practice.

Webinar: Moving from compliance to advisory with CCH OneClick and Finsit

2019-11-13T12:14:03+00:0013 November 2019|Categories: Video Webinar|Tags: , , , , , |

Join this webinar with Gareth Cram – Product, Strategy & Transformation Director and Phil Thornton – Lead Technology Product Manager for Digital, to find out how to prepare your practice for change and start the move to advisory with CCH OneClick and Finsit.