Paper2Data (P2D) is a unique business services company specializing in document solutions that turn 'paper to data'. 

Using award-winning technology, P2D is a global network that offers any size of company the ability to exchange documents with its trading partners electronically.  It enables members to fully automate their document processing functions regardless of whether those documents are in paper or electronic form, and does not require any changes to their internal systems.  Members receive the benefits of shared technology, paying for usage only, and can scale their solution to include a variety of document types and e-procurement features. 

The P2D Document Network is an electronic exchange for documents such as invoices, orders, remittance advices etc, and automates manual processing with a secure, and tax compliant service.  It allows documents to be transmitted directly between suppliers' and buyers' systems - removing costly and error prone data entry, without the installation of hardware or software.  Buyers also have the option to process paper invoices over the network too, with our scanning module that turns ‘paper to data’, creating a fully paperless office.

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