Twinfield Subscription Options

A range of bookkeeping, accounting and reporting solutions for your clients:

Time and Billing

With this subscription the business owner can input their timesheets and expenses online.  The master user, or accountant can create tax returns and reports. 

£5 per user per month


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Sales Invoicing

Business owners can become responsible for their own sales administration and credit management.  Other bookkeeping tasks remain under the accountant's remit.

£9 per use per month


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Shared View

This option enables your client to see their financial position with online reports and the detail of their accounts without having to contact their accountant, who would carry out all their bookkeeping.

£7 per user per month


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Invoicing + Shared View

This subscription option provides a combination of the Sales Invoicing and Shared View Twinfield subscriptions

£12 per user per month


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Basic Bookkeeping

With Basic Bookkeeping, the business owner can input purchase and sales invoices manage cash flow and prepare their accounts themselves, with the accoutant retaining overall control - checking and validating.

£16 per user per month


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Bookkeeping + Shared View

This Twinfield subscription option is a package of Basic Bookkeeping together with Shared View.

£24 per user per month 


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SME Accounting

The SME Accounting subscription is perfect for those of your clients wanting to carry out their bookkeeping themselves and automate their financial processes. 

£34 per user per month


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Complete Accounting

This subscription provides the business owner with all the tools needed to carry out their own bookkeeping and prepare end of year financial statements. Its additional functionality lets your client develop and consolidate their own reports, use multi-currency and conduct project or time-based accounting. 

£52 per user per month


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