How to support clients who want to file their own MTD for VAT returns

Many practices have used Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT as an opportunity to increase the services they can offer clients initially by supporting those who may now be looking to their advisor to take on their VAT process. However, how do you as a practice make the most of the opportunity with clients who want to continue to file their own VAT returns?

In the run up to the monthly and quarterly MTD for VAT submissions, we have heard from our customers that some clients are not ready to move away from their spreadsheets or current VAT systems.

If you have established that clients would like to stay with the systems they are using today, CCH OneClick gives your practice the opportunity to continue to support them.

Supporting your clients with CCH OneClick

We have worked closely with our customers to understand their current VAT processes prior to the transition to MTD to ensure these can be maintained as closely as possible. Included in this is maintaining how returns have been prepared and filed in the past, by practices or clients.

The same VAT filing solution already available to you in CCH OneClick is also available to your clients via the client workspace. CCH OneClick allows your clients to continue to use their spreadsheets or software by providing the workspace needed to submit in a compliant manner.

The client workspace provides:

  • A simple, robust solution that will allow your clients to carry on using existing spreadsheets and processes with minimal disruption.
  • A white-labelled interface that can be personalised with your practice’s branding.
  • Direct access to your client’s Digital VAT Account to monitor submissions and check liabilities and any payments that have been made.
  • Secure storage of your clients’ uploaded VAT spreadsheets.

The early bird makes the submission  

Advise your clients to get started with their submission early. It takes about 72 hours for HMRC to approve a client for MTD for VAT. If the haven’t already started setting up in CCH OneClick for VAT filing, be sure to advise them to start this process as soon as they can.

To find out more about how you can activate clients, click here or contact your digital specialist.

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