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COVID-19 resources for tax & accounting professionals

Resources and tools that enable secure, remote online collaboration.

As you navigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across your business and with your clients, Wolters Kluwer is right by your side. We will continue to deliver tools to help you stay up to date on tax and compliance changes in these uncertain times. We will also support your agility and ability to work securely and remotely.

Moving forward together, we will keep you informed with resources and information to support you as your practice navigates the uncertain times ahead.

But first, a message from us at Wolters Kluwer. Thank you to the quiet heroes working in the background #ForwardTogether

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Remote working

Remote working

Remote working has taken on a new dimension as businesses navigate the uncertainty around COVID-19. With many of us now facing the prospect of that uncertainty lasting for an extended period, enabling your practice with the right tools will be important during this pandemic.

Create a connected practice with CCH Document Management

While you are working from home, documents and emails are all instantly available, securely protected by user log-ons and audit trails. Once they’ve been added to the system, documents and other items can be found and opened almost instantly.

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Automate your workflow with CCH Document Management

The Workflow system in CCH Document Management captures the way your practice works and uses decision trees and optional branching to create sophisticated workflows. These allow you to route documents around the remote practice, just like passing on a client file, but with automated alerts and tracking.

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Remote information request and review with CCH OneClick

Thanks to the advisor and client workspace in CCH OneClick, you and your clients have instant access to their information (including past returns) anytime, anywhere. Digital data collection tools enable your practice to request information for their tax returns and your clients to view all the requests. Digital Data Request is a single place for you to view all client and HMRC data, with the ability to review and populate the tax system.

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Working in the cloud with Twinfield

Cloud accounting software like Twinfield is not reliant on the device used or its storage capacity. Data is instantly available from anywhere to both you and your clients. Manage business finances at any time from any location.

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Twinfield Online Accounting software

Maximise automation with Basecone

Documents can be securely stored in Basecone for 10 years. It’s available at any time and on any device via the internet and mobile apps, so you can meet tax requirements without storing a single piece of paper.

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Keep connected with your practice and clients

With remote working becoming the new normal for many of us, it’s never been so important to establish a digitally connected practice. That’s where CCH Document Management and CCH OneClick really come into their own, making it easier to manage and share information in your practice and communicate with your clients securely. Join Evan Jones and Nick Moss in a 3-part webinar series for best practice tips and demonstrations of how the software can help you to continue to manage your practice remotely, during any uncertainty.

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Secure online collaboration

Secure online collaboration and communication

Collaborating with your clients remotely will be important as they attempt to steer their business through uncertain times. They will look to you to ensure that you can keep their business compliant and moving forward. Our software will enable you to do this through secure online communication and collaboration.

Advisors and clients share real-time information with Twinfield

Collaborate with the confidence that the system is as up to date as the last transaction and invoice posted. Advisors can view the live financial position so they can better advise on business-critical decisions. Collaboratively enable your customers to process transactions.

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Collaborate with your clients and practice with CCH OneClick

CCH OneClick also provides a single secure and intuitive environment for client communication. Using the latest encryption standards, CCH OneClick allows your clients to view documents from wherever they are and from any device, and approve them or send requested information. Documents, including final accounts, tax returns, statements and bills, can be sent to clients for approval or rejection meaning no physical deliveries need to take place.

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Fast and easy delivery with Basecone

Scan and deliver your documents in multiple ways. You