Maximise your practice productivity to unlock growth

Optimise your practice to be as productive as possible, from compliance processes to the back office.

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Drive greater productivity with Wolters Kluwer

Our solutions make finding efficiency easy, with integrated and automated workflows, seamless end-to-end data flow and collaborative cloud tools.

Build an integrated suite - Reduce errors

Reduce errors

With integrated compliance software you can eliminate errors, improve consistency and help your staff use their time more efficiently thanks to an end-to-end data flow from your software.

Build an integrated suite - Automation is key to growth

Automation is key to growth

CCH Central allows you to automate and standardise routine processes within your practice, leaving you more time to find new growth opportunities instead of manually managing processes.

Build an integrated suite - Greater collaboration with your clients

More time for value added services

The CCH Central suite enables your team to spend less time re-keying and validating data from disparate solutions and more time adding value to your clients, with real-time data and detailed reports.

Efficiency from a single database

Efficiency from a single database

Eliminate wasted effort with a single, central database – so you only enter and update information in one place. Gain full visibility of the status of all your clients on one dashboard without needing to export data or log into multiple locations.

Build an integrated suite - Open integration

Seamless data integration

Create an end-to-end data flow across the compliance cycle and in the back office, from receiving information from the client to eventually filing the accounts and tax returns to HMRC.

Standardise and automate workflows

Standardise and automate workflows

Create customisable workflow templates to guide your teams through the tasks they need to perform so that everyone in the practice follows the same procedures every time.

See all bookkeeping transactions from different providers within CCH OneClick

Two-way data sync

Open Integration provides a live link with both your bookkeeping software and your accounts production software through CCH OneClick. It allows users to see all bookkeeping transactions from different providers within CCH OneClick.

Live link to Digital Tax Accounts with CCH OneClick

Live link to Digital Tax Accounts

CCH OneClick allows you to set up a live link to all your clients’ Digital Tax Account, meaning that the data is fed into CCH OneClick, creating a single source of information.

Wolters Kluwer supports Loucas in their digital journey, making their practice more efficient

Loucas Director, Athos Louca, says there’s no room for old-school inefficiency in his practice. Loucas has worked to maximise its efficiency by taking advantage of digital technology to reduce costs.

Watch the video now to find out how Wolters Kluwer has supported Loucas on their digital journey.

End-to-end data flow, and back again

Optimise your compliance processes with an end-to-end data flow within the CCH Central suite, seamlessly pulling data from original source data to completing your clients’ accounts and tax return without manually re-keying any data.

Wolters Kluwer Data Flow to Maximise practice productivity

Save time with easy access to all your client’s data in one place

Within CCH Central you can access all the information you require about your client. Information is separated out into various tabs. These are both information within the CCH Central database like client name, address, contact details as well as information from other Wolters Kluwer software you may be using like CCH Accounts Production, CCH Personal Tax or CCH Document Management.

Keep up with changing reporting requirements

Within the reporting module in CCH Central you can quickly create custom reports from data within your CCH Central suite product set. Designed like a PC network folder structure, you can easily select from a list of data fields within each product to build out your report. As you select more fields you can begin to see the report build out in real time.

You can select from multiple products to build out powerful reports. For example, you can combine data from CCH Central, CCH Practice Management and CCH Personal Tax into one report. You can then filter the results based on the data contained within the report.

Pre-empt credit control issues

CCH Practice Management help you to pre-empt credit control issues. The credit control dashboards give direct access to information about debtors. With single-click tools you can drill-down to the underlying data and a full billing history.

Automated workflow and credit control

Workflow tools within CCH Central can be set to drive processes like billing across the solutions automatically, rather than updating spreadsheets or disparate products. Software alerts will ensure that projects are visible, controllable and consistent across teams and offices.

Future-driven practices are moving their processes to paperless systems. Automating workflow, billing and document management with the CCH Central integrated suite ensures business continuity, improves cash flow by ensuring you can bill as soon as the work is completed and better serve your clients.

Wolters Kluwer Maximise practice productivity Automated workflow

“Our strategy is to ensure reliable and efficient day to-day working while keeping ahead of future needs and innovation. Being able to expand and develop the functionality of our stable, sturdy Wolters Kluwer software suite with new features fits us perfectly. It’s a natural extension of our own commitment to clients: ‘Helping you thrive in a changing world’.”

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