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Better manage your practice

Provide improved client services, efficiency gains, reduce costs and manage your practice more effectively.

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Our solutions make practice management easy, giving you the time to focus on practice growth.

Efficient workflows allow you to serve clients better and focus staff resources on more valuable work.

Manage your practice - Holistic view of your business

Holistic view of your business

Take a holistic view of your business to uncover the hidden gems in your client data, allocate the right staff to the right job or earn extra revenue from added-value services.

Manage your practice - Pre-empt credit control issues

Pre-empt credit control issues

Credit control dashboards give direct access to information about debtors. Single-click drill-down to the underlying data and a full billing history allows you to spot issues before they become problems.

Manage your practice - Store all information: internal and clients

Store all information: internal and clients

CCH Document Management brings together all information internally and for your clients, so you can store, share and manage information no matter where it comes from.

Manage your practice - Allocate tasks and track progress

Allocate tasks and track progress

Allocate work according to your staff’s individual skills and job requirements. Avoid unexpected job overruns and unnecessary overtime.

Manage your practice - Compliance solutions all in one place

Compliance solutions all in one place

Our Making Tax Digital toolset within CCH OneClick, helps you monitor the status of all your clients’ VAT returns in a single location independent of the bookkeeping service they use.

Manage your practice - Connect to multiple bookkeeping software

Connect to multiple bookkeeping software

Use Open Integration to pull in and review financials from multiple sources to produce accounts, management reports and file reports. Access transactional data as well as make adjustments from the advisor workspace.

Manage your practice - Build automated workflows

Build automated workflows

Automate the movement of letters, documents, invoices and debtor statements through the practice by applying workflow templates in CCH Document Management.

Manage your practice - GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance

CCH Document Management and CCH OneClick will only allow documents and messages to be exchanged with your client’s authorised contacts, supporting GDPR compliance.

“The home pages help me keep track of what’s happening in the practice. I can keep an eye on WIP, debtors, what people are working on and how long they’ve spent on each job. Many of our clients have been with the firm for a long time and they don’t expect their fees to fluctuate too much, year on year, so it’s important to avoid excessive over-runs and write offs. I’m solely responsible for the billing but there are five other fee earners in the firm, so it’s very useful to have this kind of information at my fingertips.”

William McAdam, Owner, Stanley Woods & Co

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Capture time, anytime, anywhere

Keep timesheets up to date and accurate. CCH Practice Management gives staff a choice of data entry options with a range of data entry options for mobile users and synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook.

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CCH Practice Management - Timesheets
CCH Central - Workflow builder

Automate your workflows

The Workflow system in CCH Document Management captures the way your practice works and uses decision trees and optional branching to create sophisticated workflows. These allow you to route documents around the practice, just like handing on a client file, but with automated alerts and tracking.

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Support multiple bookkeeping solutions with CCH OneClick

Our Open Integration technology in CCH OneClick gives you access to transactional data from Sage One, QuickBooks, Twinfield, Exact or Xero within your workspace. You’re able to drill-down into the transactional data from the trial balance in the compliance solution and view master data as well as make adjustments in the compliance solution.

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CCH OneClick - Open Integration

Get complete control with CCH KPI Monitoring

A cloud-based solution that reduces admin by continually monitoring events, deadlines, targets and sends automated emails to keep you informed.

CCH KPI Monitoring is easy to set up and maintain. Administration staff no longer have to waste time manually running and distributing weekly or monthly reports, chasing timesheets or checking information. It’s integrated with the CCH Central suite, so triggers can come from different applications, including practice management, tax and accounts production.

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