Engaging with your clients in the digital world

Clients expect real-time communication and data when and where they need it – get the solutions to support you.

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Instant, improved client communication

In a fast-paced digital and mobile world, provide your clients with the real-time, accurate and consistent client communication channels they need.

Improve client communication - Improve client retention and relationships

Improve client retention and relationships

Poor or slow communication can break down client relationships. With CCH OneClick and CCH Document Management you are empowered to provide real-time information based on up to date data when they need it most.

Improve client communication - Instant access anytime, anywhere

Instant access anytime, anywhere

With CCH Document management, being out of the office no longer means being out of touch. Documents and emails are all still instantly available. Information at your fingertips means instant communication with your clients.

Improve client communication - Greater control and more visibility

Greater control and more visibility

CCH OneClick gives you complete visibility of approval statuses in real time and allows you to share data on the move. It’s fully integrated with CCH Central, using core client data meaning messages can never be sent to the wrong contact.

Improve client communication - Closer collaboration with your clients

Closer collaboration with your clients

CCH OneClick Advisor and Client workspaces are connected so you truly collaborate, in a secure way, for messaging and document exchange 24/7.

Improve client communication - Practice mobile

Practice Mobile

Keep in touch with the CCH OneClick mobile app. Stay connected to your key data in CCH Central with access to your clients’ details, documents, messages and tasks on the go.

Improve client communication - Secure document exchange and approval

Secure Document Exchange & Approval

CCH OneClick is a single, secure and intuitive environment for client communication. Using the latest secure encryption standards, CCH OneClick allows your clients to view documents from wherever they are and from any device.

Improve client communication - Document creation and sharing

Document creation and sharing

In CCH Document Management you can create standard documents from easily editable templates, pre-populated with the contact information held in CCH Central, such as name, address, date of birth and debtor balance.

Improve client communication - Maintain GDPR compliance

Supports GDPR compliance

CCH OneClick and CCH Document Management each help your GDPR compliance efforts by only sending documents and messages to registered contacts at the client.

Webinar: Discover CCH OneClick

This webinar will take you through how CCH OneClick can transform the way you work, including how to:

  • Improve client communication
  • Maintain compliance with GDPR
  • View and sync bookkeeping data in real time
  • Prepare for Making Tax Digital
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Discover CCH OneClick Webinar

Creating a connected practice

In a mobile and connected world, being out of the office shouldn’t mean being out of touch.

Whether you are at a client’s office or working from home, documents and emails are all instantly available, securely protected by user logons and audit trails. Once they’ve been added to the system, documents and other items can be found and opened almost instantly.

CCH Document Management - Connect your practice
CCH OneClick - Digital data review - Summary of clients sent information requests

Digital Data Request

Digital Data Request is a mobile app, available to your clients to see what information you’ve requested to help assist with the completion of their tax return. Clients can upload requested information quickly and efficiently from their mobile, available to you in real time.

Practice Mobile

Keep in touch with our mobile app (Android & iOS). Stay connected to your key data in CCH Central with access to your client’s details, documents, messages and tasks on the go.

  • Request approval of documents and send, reply and forward messages to colleagues to action
  • View deadlines and plan your work
  • Receive push notifications if your client has sent you a message or approved a document
  • Colour coded tasks provide an indication on the urgency on your deadlines
  • Available for all employees in your practice
Wolters Kluwer CCH Central Workflow

Webinar: Improve practice efficiency with CCH Document Management

Watch our one hour webinar to find out how CCH Document Management makes it easier and safer to manage and share information in an accounting practice.

Watch the webinar
Improve practice efficiency CCH Document Management Webinar

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