A complete solution to GDPR compliance and training

Reduce the risk of non-compliance with an intuitive cloud-based solution.

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A complete GDPR solution for your practice

An intuitive cloud-based solution with customised, thoughtful workflows will simplify the compliance burdens from GDPR and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

GDPR - Accelerate your GDPR compliance

Accelerate your GDPR compliance

Take an initial business interview to determine your package, then complete a data mapping assessment. The software uses this information to create a compliance programme with customised tools and documentation.

GDPR - Easy implementation

Easy implementation

CCH GDPR Compliance can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your organisation. Complete a short initial assessment to identify and enable only the GDPR compliance tools your organisation needs. This assessment will also estimate the cost of your service you require.

GDPR - Build an integrated suite

Build an integrated suite

Drive growth and efficiency while maintaining compliance with an intelligent, fully integrated software suite. CCH Central ensures you are making the best use of your billable time, not spending it on the compliance burden.

GDPR - Secure Document Exchange & Approval

Secure Document Exchange & Approval

CCH OneClick is a single, secure and intuitive environment for client communication, helping you comply with GDPR. Using the latest secure encryption standards your clients can view documents from wherever they are and from any device.

GDPR - Tailored software

Tailored software

CCH GDPR Compliance will ensure your records of processing activities, privacy notices and other required documentation is always up to date and available.

GDPR - Minimise risk and penalties

Minimise risk and penalties

Log and report data breaches; deal with subject access requests; update all your privacy notices all from a single location. You will also be able to record and notify the ICO of breaches from the software.

GDPR - Ongoing compliance

Ongoing compliance

Schedule quarterly reviews of ongoing processes such as processor and data sharing partners, breach incident management, data subject requests and employee education.

GDPR - Intuitive solution

Train your staff

It’s vital that your staff understand how to apply GDPR policies and procedures. Run professional online awareness and training programmes with no extra effort on your part.


Generate privacy notices and record processing activities using CCH GDPR Compliance. Define your data protection policies and implement an online subject access request form.

CCH GDPR Compliance Software Governance
CCH Document Management - Connect your practice

Creating a connected practice

In a mobile and connected world, being out of the office shouldn’t mean being out of touch.

Whether you are at a client’s office or working from home, documents and emails are all instantly available, securely protected by user logons and audit trails. Once they’ve been added to the system, documents and other items can be found and opened almost instantly.

Automate routine processes through workflows

Workflows guide staff through their daily tasks. They can be triggered by an event – such as setting up a new client – or by the completion of another workflow, leaving partners and managers free to focus on managing end-to-end client relationships.

CCH Central - Workflow builder

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