Simplify and streamline your entire tax process

Smart tax solutions designed to make your compliance season easier and faster.

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End-to-end tax solutions

Tax solutions to support your entire tax process, allowing you to increase capacity and focus on higher value advisory services.

End-to-end tax solutions - Complete and file tax returns quickly and accurately

Complete and file tax returns quickly and accurately

The Errors & Exceptions panel in CCH Personal Tax highlights any problems or inconsistences and allows you to easily amend errors before submitting.

End-to-end tax solutions - Faster, more accurate data collection

Faster, more accurate data collection

CCH OneClick allows you to collect tax return information digitally from your clients and send that data straight into CCH Personal Tax. It provides your clients with a permanent tax return document store and enables you to work more collaboratively with your clients.

End-to-end tax solutions - Improve efficiencies and reduce errors

Improve efficiencies and reduce errors

Quickly and accurately prepare and review more complex returns, simplify the completion of capital gains tax calculations and automate the population of dividend data, and use business logic and variance analysis to quickly identify any omissions or anomalies.

End-to-end tax solutions - Ensure consistent delivery

Ensure consistent delivery

The Tax Return feature allows you to predefine the documents you want to send to your clients for approval. This enables a consistent approach across the practice for all communications with your client.

End-to-end tax solutions - Real-time tax return information

Real-time tax return information

Data collection tools allow you to monitor your client’s progress in compiling all the data needed to complete the tax return allowing you to begin work on the tax return without waiting for vital documents in the post.

End-to-end tax solutions - Simplified return review

Simplified return review

The CCH Return Review module uses variance analysis to automatically highlight key areas of risk, helping you to improve accuracy, streamline the review process and reduce the risk of HMRC enquiries.

End-to-end tax solutions - Digital data review tools

Digital data review tools

Review tax return information digitally at the point of receipt within CCH OneClick and commit that information directly into CCH Personal Tax without any further manual inputting of figures.

End-to-end tax solutions - Greater e-filling success

Greater e-filing success

CCH Personal Tax software incorporates the full HMRC XML framework for validating tax returns, giving it an unparalleled success rate for SA100, SA800 and SA900 online filing.

How Ellacotts use CCH OneClick to improve their digital data collection

Claire Carter, Managing Director Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting, UK & Ireland, interviews Charlotte Houghton, Partner at Ellacotts on the benefits they’ve seen since using CCH OneClick, in particular making file sharing much easier through digital data requests, and helping with GDPR compliance.

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“There are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong but CCH Personal Tax helps us pick them all up when we do the review. CCH Return Review is definitely a very useful tool for minimising risk.”

Alan Rumble, Senior Business Adviser, Tax, PKF

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Complete tax returns in less time

Margins on compliance work are shrinking every year as clients expect greater efficiencies through the use of technology. With an optimised process at every stage of the tax return and the ability to drill down to each figure, you can reduce the time taken to complete your clients’ tax returns.

CCH Personal Tax - Dashboard view
CCH Personal Tax - Review Process

Automate the review process reducing the risk of errors

With CCH Return Review you can compare current and previous years’ entries to highlight variances such as missing, incomplete or inconsistent information, allowing you to review the return and ensure a higher level of accuracy across your practice.

Secure Document Exchange & Approval

CCH OneClick provides you with a single secure and intuitive environment for client communication. Using the latest secure encryption standards, your clients can view documents from wherever they are and from any device. It is fully integrated with CCH Central, removing the risk of sending documents or emails to the wrong person.

Documents, including final accounts, tax returns, statements and bills, can be sent to clients for approval or rejection. You can also see the status of all outstanding approval requests in real time. Clients can initiate communications with you on information requests and documents will no longer get ‘lost’ in someone’s inbox. The tool scans all documents during the upload process and only acceptable files can be uploaded.

CCH OneClick Secure Document Exchange & Approval Screenshots
CCH OneClick MTD Screenshot

Making Tax Digital

From understanding which of your clients are ready for the transition, to identifying the tasks you and your clients need to complete and submitting your clients, CCH OneClick provides you with an end-to-end Making Tax Digital (MTD) solution.

  • Intelligent, user-friendly, quarterly reporting solution with seamless integration to CCH Central
  • A consistent process for MTD, regardless of your clients’ bookkeeping packages
  • Easily understand which of your clients are ready for the transition to MTD
  • See at a glance what tasks are due to be completed, when, and by who, and mark tasks as complete

Digital Data Request

Our digital data collection tools are available for your clients to use either via their web browser or as a mobile app. Once you have sent them a digital request for their tax return information, they will be able to upload all the information efficiently.

The information they upload is visible to you in real time and you can add comments, attachments, lock down data and commit that data to CCH Personal Tax.

CCH OneClick - Digital data review, client allowances information