Embrace digitalisation to accelerate practice growth

Combine the CCH Central suite and CCH OneClick and transform your practice for the digital age.

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Automated processes and workflows are the future to growing your practice

To achieve business growth expectations, practices will need to enhance client service while delivering service in the most efficient and profitable way possible.

Digitalise your practice - Unique smart workspace

Unique smart workspace – fully integrated into CCH Central

CCH OneClick’s connectivity breaks down the barriers between online and on-premise systems and makes life easier for you and your clients. Collaborate in real time.

Digitalise your practice - Collect data from clients efficiently

Collect data from clients efficiently

With it’s links into CCH Personal Tax from CCH Central, use the Data Request app to directly request any missing data and supporting documentation from clients – for the completion of their tax return.

Digitalise your practice - Support multiple bookkeeping solutions

Support multiple bookkeeping solutions

Open Integration creates a permanent connection between your clients’ transactional bookkeeping data and CCH Central. Use that data to produce accounts, management reports and file quarterly reports. Also, send adjustments back into the bookkeeping product.

Digitalise your practice - Access your on premise software while on the go

Access your on-premise software while on the go

Stay connected to your key data in CCH Central with access to your client’s details, documents, messages and tasks on the move through the CCH OneClick mobile app.

Digitalise your practice - Closer collaboration with your clients

Closer client collaboration

Advisor and Client workspaces on CCH OneClick are connected so you truly collaborate, in a secure way, for messaging and document exchange.

Digitalise your practice - Proactive compliance solutions

Proactive compliance solutions

Proactively support all your practice compliance processes while remaining GDPR compliant and MTD ready with CCH OneClick.

Digitalise your practice - Avoid endless piles of paper receipts

Avoid endless piles of receipts

With Basecone your clients can scan their receipts sending the data in real-time to the web platform and then into Twinfield or Xero bookkeeping software.

Digitalise your practice - Don't lose important documents in personal inboxes

Centralise client emails and files

Using CCH Document Management software ensures all emails and related documents belonging to a client are accessible in a central place at any time.

Drive growth and efficiency with an intelligent, fully integrated accounting software suite that ensures you are making the best use of your time.

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Digital documentation and invoice scanning on the go with Basecone Spenser and Basecone FLUX

Basecone helps to create a paperless environment in your practice. Your clients can easily upload their receipts and invoices using the Basecone Spencer app – no need for shoe boxes full or receipts! Once scanned the document data is then immediately available in real time on the web platform. Basecone Flux gives your clients the power to easily approve expenses submitted within their business.

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CCH OneClick - Open Integration

You can support multiple existing bookkeeping solutions with CCH OneClick

Our Open Integration technology in CCH OneClick allows you to connect between Sage One, QuickBooks, Exact or Xero, our CCH Central suite and HMRC for quarterly reporting. If you’re an accountant working in practice you can now view all your client’s bookkeeping data in one place.

Digital Data Collection

Digital Data Request

A mobile app, available to your clients to see what information you’ve requested to help assist with the completion of their tax return.

  • Presents your clients with a list of income sources where they need to provide data
  • Clients can upload requested information quickly and efficiently from their mobile, available to you in real time
  • A single place for you to view all client and HMRC data captured together with the ability to review and populate the tax system

Digital Data Review

An area within your CCH OneClick workspace where you can review and see all the tax data that your clients have sent you digitally, along with the data HMRC already hold on your clients’ behalf in their digital tax account (DTA).

  • Data sent to you by your clients (using the Digital Data Request app) will be available to view within the Digital Data Review screen
  • Commit reviewed data to CCH Personal Tax for even greater efficiencies by removing the need for manual data entry (coming soon)
CCH OneClick Mobile
CCH OneClick - Digital data review - Summary of clients sent information requests
CCH OneClick Secure Document Exchange & Approval Screenshots

Secure Document Exchange & Approval

A single, secure and intuitive environment for client communication. Using the latest secure encryption standards, CCH OneClick allows your clients to view documents from wherever they are and from any device.

  • Fully integrated with CCH Central, removing the risk of sending documents or emails to the wrong person
  • Documents, including final accounts, tax returns, statements and bills, can be sent to clients for approval or rejection
  • See the status of all outstanding approval requests in real time
  • Clients can also initiate communications with you on information requests
  • Documents will no longer get ‘lost’ in someones inbox
  • Only acceptable files can be uploaded. For example, executable files cannot be exchanged
  • Scans all documents during the upload process