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November 2017 Software Update

Posted by Richard McChesney on 01-Nov-2017 13:44:00

In our penultimate software update of 2017 we only have a few changes that I want to highlight in this blog, but as always, a full history of changes is available by clicking the ‘Release History’ button on the Twinfield home screen.

Changes this month include:

  • Changes to the way VAT is displayed on Neo Quotes
  • Removal of the discount percentage when discount is an amount
  • HMRC VAT Gateway change

 Changes to the way VAT is displayed on Neo Quotes

Last month we released a change to the Neo sales invoice which hides all mention of VAT when invoice lines have a VAT code of ‘No VAT’.

This month we have added this same functionality to the Neo quote document:


Removal of the discount percentage when discount is an amount

In August we released a change to Neo sales invoices to enable you to enter a discount amount or percentage at the bottom of your sales invoice.

Since then we have received some great feedback and as a result, we have implemented a small change – in that now, if you enter an amount discount, Twinfield no longer displays the calculated percentage discount as well as the discount amount.  This change has been made thanks to direct feedback from users, so thank you for the feedback.

Sales invoice as it appeared before this change (user entered a discount amount of £100.00 which Twinfield then displayed as 8.89%):


The percentage is no longer displayed when the discount is entered as an amount:


If you enter a percentage discount during data entry, then both the percentage and the amount will be displayed on the invoice.

HMRC VAT Gateway change

Lastly, HMRC are in the process of making some changes to their systems, and as a result, we have made a small change to ensure that Twinfield users can continue to file their VAT returns electronically.

If you are not currently filing your VAT returns electronically, and would like to learn how to do this, please click here to view our two videos about reporting and filing your VAT.