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May 2017 Software Update

Posted by Richard McChesney on 01-May-2017 13:34:00

This month’s release contains many new features including:

  • Reversing Journals
  • ‘Twinfield Authenticate’ – An improvement to the Yodlee connection process
  • Improvements to the Neo Sales Invoice layout and list view
  • Web Services/API improvements
  • Neo customer settings screen improvements
  • Minor change to ‘new company’ creation process

If you are interested, you can find a full list of the changes in each software update by clicking the ‘Release History’ button on the home screen.

Reversing Journals:

Reversing Journals were actually released in April, so you may have already discovered this new functionality yourself.

When processing a journal entry, if you want the journal to automatically reverse in the following accounting period, simply tick the new ‘Reverse transaction in next period’ checkbox:

10 Reversing journals

Please note that reversing journals only become effective when the original transaction is finalised.  This means that if you process the journal as ‘provisional’, you won’t see the reversing transaction in your accounts for the following month.  You will see it when you finalise the transaction however.

And whilst talking about data entry, were you aware that when entering transactions where each line has the same description as the line/s above, rather than retyping the description for each line, you can double-click in the description field and select from a list of descriptions already used in the preceding lines:

11 Duplicating transaction descriptions

Twinfield Authenticate – improved Yodlee onboarding for accountants

Since release our Yodlee functionality in March, our developers have been working hard to improve the onboarding process for our accountant and bookkeeper users who may not have the bank login credentials of their clients.  For more information about this functionality, please search for ‘Yodlee’ within the Twinfield knowledgebase.

Improvements to the Neo Sales Invoice layout

The layout of the Neo sales invoice has been updated to latest design standards.  This is a prerequisite for some additional changes that are currently in development.

Also, it is now possible to filter Neo sales invoices in the list view by invoice date.

3 Neo sales invoice list date range filter

Web Services/API improvements

We have added the ability to retrieve the payment reference of a VAT return document via webservices, and it is also now possible to retrieve a list of deleted transactions via webservices.

Details of these changes can be found here:

Neo customer settings screen improvements

If you process direct debit runs to collect outstanding amounts from your customers, you will be pleased to know that as a part of our ongoing migration from Classic to Neo architecture, we have now added the ability to enter/edit collection details via the blue ‘Customers’ tile.

Select the ‘Banks’ menu item, then select a ‘collection type’ (created via Cash and Banks) and a Country, and Twinfield will highlight which fields are mandatory to complete.

4 collection details on customer card

The ability to set a default discount/premium for sales processed via ‘classic invoicing’ (the orange ‘invoices’ tile) can now be accessed via the blue ‘Customers’ tile.

5 customer default discount

And the timeline, that shows all changes made for a customer/s, has also been upgraded to the latest design standard.

Minor change to ‘new company’ creation process

Lastly, the flow of creating a new company via the ‘Settings’ menu item has been improved, although please note that you are not now transferred to the new company immediately upon creation as was the case previously.

Instead, once you have clicked the ‘Create’ button the following screen will be displayed:

6 new company 1

And on completion, the following notification will be displayed:

6 new company 2

And after this is displayed, you can then switch to the new company.

That is all for this month.  We are currently working on a number of other exciting developments though, so please make a note to watch out for our next software update which will be released in mid to late June.