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July 2017 Software Update

Posted by Richard McChesney on 01-Jul-2017 13:37:00

After releasing plenty of new functionality during the last few months (see our software update blog posts below), our July software update (released in July for C3/Accounting cluster users and August for C4 users) only has a few areas of interest to UK and Irish users.

These are:

  • Neo sales invoice address localisation for UK and Irish customers
  • Browser related issues
  • Bank of Scotland BACS format

As always, there are other things that our development teams have been working on behind the scenes – things that users won’t notice – and also larger projects that are not yet ready for release.

Neo sales invoice address localisation for UK and Irish customers

Until now, the address displayed on Neo sales quotes, invoices and reminders was formatted to meet European postal standards regardless of where the customer was located. 

We have now enhanced the software so that if the customer is in the UK or Ireland, the address is formatted to meet local postal standards.

Address Localisation

Browser Related Issues

Being a cloud product, Twinfield has to be accessible via all the different internet browsers that are available, and from time to time the developers of one browser will make changes that result in the Twinfield user not being able to do or see something within Twinfield, or the Twinfield developers will make a change/add new functionality, and a user will report that it doesn’t look or feel right in a particular browser.  Obviously we test for this as much as possible, but occasionally things might slip through.

This month we have taken time to resolve a number of browser related issues.  These are detailed within the ‘Release History’ which is accessible via the Twinfield home screen.

Bank of Scotland BACS format

As you may be aware, different banks have different file formats for uploading payment requests from software such as Twinfield to the banks’ internet banking or desktop banking software. 

At present, Twinfield caters for the formats used by Barclays Internet Banking, HSBC, JP Morgan, Lloyds, Metro Bank, Natwest, and now Bank of Scotland. 

We also have an Excel macro-enabled BACS payment converter that can convert from one of the above formats to other unsupported formats and intend to add other formats to Twinfield in the near future.  If you have a requirement for a particular BACS payment format, please let us know via your account manager or our support desk. 

Bank Of Scotland BACS format

I think that covers everything for now.  One other thing that you may notice is that we have made some small changes to terminology used in some screens.  For example, in the above screen shot you will see that the ‘Sort code’ is now called ‘Sort code’ and not the generic ‘National bank ID’.  In other screens we have changed the word ‘Deduction’ to ‘Discount’, and some of the error/warning messages have been made more explanatory.

Lastly, as you may be aware, we have started running monthly webinars to walk you through the changes in each month’s software update.  Links to register for all upcoming Twinfield webinars are available by searching for ‘webinar’ within the Twinfield knowledgebase.