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February 2017 Software Update

Posted by Richard McChesney on 01-Feb-2017 09:06:00

This month we are pleased to release our first software update of 2017. The update includes new functionality with respect to provisional transactions as well as several other small changes which I have documented below.

Pay and Collect on Provisional Transactions

If you are a regular Twinfield user, you will be aware thatTwinfield has the concept of provisional and final transactions.  This means that a user can process transactions into Twinfield, run reports to check that they get the desired results, and if not, the transactions can be edited or deleted without the need to process a reversal or adjustment transaction.

Some clients prefer to process everything as finalised transactions, and there is nothing wrong with this.  One of the benefits of finalising all transactions at the time of data entry is that you have an audit trail that can enable you to see how numbers in reports have changed (i.e. if the value of a particular account was £1,000 and is now £1,500, then there must be one or more transactions that add up to the £500 difference).

But for many Twinfield users, the fact that they can edit transactions to recode them, change transaction descriptions, change the accounting period of a transaction, or even the amount, saves them the need to process separate transactions to fix data entry errors.  The fact that they can do this directly from within a report makes this process even more efficient.

The downside however, until now, has been that they could not process a payment or collection run on provisional purchase/sales invoices, and could not file their VAT return until provisional transactions had been finalised.

In the February 2017 release we have changed this, and you can now configure your software to enable you to process payment and collection runs on provisional transactions.  And our development team are currently making further changes to the software to enable you to file VAT returns without having to finalise transactions first.  This additional functionality will be released within the next few months.

In the meantime, if you would like to learn how to configure Twinfield to enable you to pay/collect provisional invoices, please click the KnowledgeBase icon (the ‘?’ icon in the top of your screen) and search for ‘Pay Provisional Transactions’.

Please note that if a provisional transaction is included in a payment or collection run, there are a few fields that you will no longer be able to edit.  These are the transaction date (you can still change the period however), the transaction amount, and the supplier/customer.  As mentioned, full details about this major change in the software are available within the knowledgebase.

Company Settings Screen

As we continue our journey from Twinfield ‘Classic’ to ‘Neo’ (original architecture to new) you will notice small changes in some screens.

Assuming that you are using the ‘New Look and Feel’ (click the ‘Try the new Look & Feel of Twinfield’ button in the upper right of the screen if you aren’t) you will be familiar with the blue and orange tiles.  Clicking a blue tile takes you to data entry screens or functionality that uses new technology.  Clicking an orange tile takes you to screens that don’t yet been use the new technology that we are slowly introducing.

In some cases you can click on either a blue tile or an orange tile, and arrive at a data entry screen that can be used for the same purpose, for example creating new customers or configuring company settings.  In some areas, depending on what information you need to enter, you may be restricted to using the orange tile rather than the blue – as particular fields may not have been added to the data entry screen accessed via the blue tile yet.

One of those areas is the Company settings screen where you currently see both a blue ‘Company Settings’ tile and an orange one.

In the past, when you clicked on the blue tile the screen would take several seconds to load.  This was because Twinfield was trying to display all information about the company on one web page, and it took time to load this information. 

In this month’s update we have modified this screen to initially only display company header information.  You then click on the menu item (category) on the left side of the screen to access the information you wish to view/edit.

 Twinfield Company Settings Screen


As well as that change, we have also now added the ‘Foreign Currency Year-end’ Nominal Ledger posting account to the Neo company settings screen.

 Company Settings Year End Posting Accounts

Neo Sales invoice Number Formats

In our last software update we enabled you to control the format of Neo sales invoice numbers (search for ‘Neo sales invoice number’ in the knowledgebase if you weren’t aware of this change) and we have now enhanced this further by enabling the unique number part of the invoice number to be as long as 10 characters, and to have leading zeros.

Neo sales invoice number format

Credit Management Settings

Lastly, as with the migration of the company settings from ‘classic’ to ‘neo’ we are also migrating the customer and supplier cards and in this release we have added the credit management fields into the Neo customer add/edit screen.

Neo customer card screen

We intend to complete the migration of customers from ‘classic’ to ‘neo’ in the near future and at that stage we will remove the orange ‘Accounts Receivable’ tile from the sales menu giving you just one screen in which you maintain all customer information.

Other changes

As always, our developers are working behind the scenes on other improvements that you may not notice.  The purpose of this blog post is to update you on the things that you will notice.

Our development teams are currently working on some exciting new features and functionality which will be released during the next year.  First and foremost is the automated bank feeds functionality that will be released within the next two months.  We will keep you posted about this so please watch out for our next software update.