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August 2017 Software Update

Posted by Richard McChesney on 01-Aug-2017 09:32:00

This month we have made further improvements to Neo sales invoices, and have also upgraded the supplier list screen and improved our API.

As always, a full list of the changes can be found by clicking the ‘Release History’ button on the Twinfield home screen, but I have the main changes below:

New VAT Summary for Neo sales invoices and quotes

We have added a new VAT Summary section to sales invoices and quotes, which makes it clear to the customer how much VAT has been charged, and at what rate.

Previously, when you processed your Neo sales invoices and quotes, the VAT section of your document looked like this:


This told the customer that VAT was applicable at the reduced rate on an amount of £10.00 and at the standard rate on £100.00, but if more than one VAT rate was applicable the user had to calculate the total VAT content themselves, and the actual percentage rate was not displayed.

We now have a new VAT Summary section which appears to the left of the total section as per below:


The VAT Summary shows the VAT rate name (this is the short name for the applicable VAT rate), the percentage and both the VAT exclusive and VAT amounts, and there is now only one VAT line in the total section regardless of how many VAT rates are applicable to the invoice.

Please note:
If you have previously edited the short names of your VAT rates in order to show the applicable VAT percentages, you will now want to edit those short names to remove the percentages otherwise the above VAT summary will show the percentage as a part of the VAT name, and will repeat it in the VAT % column.
To edit VAT rate names, select Company Settings, VAT, and select the VAT code for which you want to rename the VAT rate. Click on the VAT rate and rename by typing a new ‘Short name’.

New Neo sales invoice discount section

When processing a sales invoice, you now have the ability to enter an invoice discount at the bottom of the invoice.


The drop-down menu on the right of the discount field enables you to switch between a discount percentage and a discount amount, and in both cases the discount percentage and amount are calculated to two decimal places and displayed, along with a new ‘Subtotal after discount’ line in the total section of the printed invoice, and are prorated against all lines (and VAT rates) on the invoice:


API for Neo Articles

Twinfield has an open API which enables software developers to link their software into Twinfield to both read from the Twinfield database and write to it.  The API is used by our TwinApp partners and also by many of our larger users who have developed their own portals for reporting purposes, for example. 

We have made plenty of improvements to Twinfield over the last two or three years, adding new tables to the database and new data entry screens for users, but have not kept the API up to date which means that software developers have not been able to link their software into some of the new Twinfield functionality.

The start of the improvements to the API has been to make the Neo Articles available, and over the coming months we will be making more Neo functionality accessible via the API – starting with customers and sales invoices.  Please watch this space.

Full details about the Twinfield API are available here.

New supplier list view

We have now brought the Neo supplier list screen into line with the customer and articles list screens which we updated in March.

As with the customer list screen, you can view 20 suppliers per page and can sort the list by clicking on the appropriate column header.  You can also filter your supplier list using the ‘Search’ field at the top of the screen: