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Single dedicated application for trust accounts

Support the specialist accounting requirements of trusts, estates, charities, pension funds and similar entities.

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CCH Trust Accounts software

Simultaneously increase efficiency and cut costs whilst improving reports, closely monitoring investments and eliminating errors.

CCH Trust Accounts - For all trust and estate work

For all trust and estate work

CCH Trust Accounts can be used for many other entities that hold investments, such as estates, charities and pension funds and supports the investment reporting requirements of high net worth individuals.

CCH Trust Accounts - Save time

Save time

Rather than using a general-purpose accounting application together with extra spreadsheets and some form filling software, save time and work more efficiently with a single, purpose-built application.

CCH Trust Accounts - Integrated tax and accounts

Integrated tax and accounts

CCH Trust Accounts integrates with CCH Personal Tax and CCH Trust Tax to provide a genuine one-stop shop for practitioners performing trust accounting and tax work for their clients.

CCH Trust Accounts - Reduces work loads

Reduce work loads

Eliminates as much as 80% of the work involved in the preparation of tax returns for trusts and estates.

CCH Trust Accounts - Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance

Regular programme updates will ensure your calculations remain compliant with the latest legislation.

CCH Trust Accounts - Create comprehensive reports

Create comprehensive reports

Produce cross-client reports covering a client’s complete portfolio during the year.

CCH Trust Accounts - Work at pace

Work at pace

Many actions can be performed instantly across your entire client database.

CCH Trust Accounts - Consistent styling

Consistent styling

Produce your CGT calculations, dividend schedules and other reports in a consistent format.

Webinar: Why CCH Trust Accounts is your one-stop shop for all of your trust accounting and tax work

Watch this on-demand webinar with Lee Bennett, to see to see a full demonstration of how you can use CCH Trust Accounts to support the specialist accounting requirements of trusts, estates, charities, pension funds and similar entities.

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