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All your working papers in one place

Improve practice efficiency by keeping all your working papers together in a single, central location.

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CCH Working Paper Management

An efficient, paperless way of storing and managing the working papers for each of your clients.

CCH Working Paper Management - Improved consistency

Improved consistency

Keep standardised working papers across your practice or company, ensuring a consistent approach to all your accounts jobs.

CCH Working Paper Management - Better quality control

Better quality control

Working papers for each client are stored together in a central location, eliminating the confusion of multiple versions stored locally or across networks.

CCH Working Paper Management - Quality client services

Quality client services

With improved visibility of the progress of jobs, and a clear view of the overall status of the file, it’s easier to keep your clients informed.

CCH Working Paper Management - Simple and streamlined information requests

Simple and streamlined information requests

An efficient working paper management system means you avoid having to make multiple requests to clients for the same information.

CCH Working Paper Management - Quick review process

Quick review process

Review points are displayed for review and sign off, allowing reviewers to quickly see what client work is outstanding.

CCH Working Paper Management - Integrated into CCH Accounts Production

Integrated into CCH Accounts Production

Fully integrated into the CCH Accounts Production statutory database, with all supporting documentation instantly accessible.

Improve the efficiency of your working paper management with an automated system and central location.

Full visibility of your client’s working papers – right on the homepage

Have full visibility of your client’s notes, links and sign offs that have been attached to their working papers. Your homepage can be filtered to show everything, only those items assigned to a staff member, or just those that a user has assigned to someone else.

Integrated with CCH Accounts Production

CCH Working Paper Management is fully integrated with and can be accessed within the statutory database in CCH Accounts Production. Your working paper folders appear within the statutory database in CCH Accounts Production along with the icons against the relevant papers.

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