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Your complete Making Tax Digital for VAT filing solution

CCH OneClick delivers end-to-end bridging software for Making Tax Digital allowing you to maintain many of your VAT processes and monitor your VAT returns, irrespective of whether you or the client files them.

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Making Tax Digital for VAT solution

CCH OneClick, our MTD for VAT solution, allows you to maintain the way you manage many of your existing VAT processes.

CCH OneClick MTD for VAT Continue using your spreadsheets

Continue using your spreadsheets

Spreadsheets remain acceptable for digitally capturing data. CCH OneClick automatically populates HMRC with data from your spreadsheet. You can also submit to HMRC within the client and advisor workspace.

CCH OneClick MTD for VAT Bridging software

Bridging software for your VAT submissions

Data can be digitally transferred from your current spreadsheets to CCH OneClick and then onto HMRC removing the need to manually type the figure into HMRC’s online service (which is no longer compliant).

CCH OneClick MTD for VAT Monitor your clients VAT Submissions

Monitor your client’s VAT submissions

Monitor your VAT submissions, whether you or your client files them. Get a clear picture of when clients VAT Returns are due, which are overdue, and which have previously been submitted via intelligent dashboards.

Support your clients making their own submissions

Open Integration in CCH OneClick enables the efficient transfer of financial data to and from your clients through our CCH Central suite and HMRC. You can continue to support your client’s on multiple bookkeeping platforms.

Digital VAT Account access

Easily understand your clients VAT liabilities and when payments are due as well as when they have been paid.

Third party VAT submissions

Information will be populated irrespective of the solution your clients are using to submit MTD for VAT Returns. You can continue to support your clients on multiple bookkeeping platforms.

CCH OneClick MTD for VAT Client Workspace Login Client-side VAT filing

Client-side VAT filing

The CCH OneClick client workspace enables your clients to submit VAT Returns. Give your client a platform to continue with current VAT processes that may involve the use of a spreadsheet.

Future proof your practice

CCH OneClick is an end-to-end Making Tax Digital toolset that incorporates bridging software for VAT filing, Income Tax functionality, Quarterly Reporting and the Digital Tax Account.

Watch our MTD for VAT software in action

Dean Shepherd, Senior Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer sits down with John Stokdyk, Head of Insight at AccountingWeb, to demonstrate how CCH Central and CCH OneClick are helping accountants tackle MTD for VAT, including functionality for the spreadsheet user, Digital VAT Account access for complete view of all payments and deadlines and task and workflow management.

“We have been working with CCH OneClick as part of the MTD pilot and have been hugely impressed with how easy it was to get up and running. I was particularly impressed with how straight forward the actual process of filing a VAT return was using CCH OneClick. Added to this, the dashboards within CCH OneClick allow me to monitor the progress of our VAT clients and having access to information such as the Digital VAT Account means CCH OneClick provides me with a complete Making Tax Digital for VAT toolset.”

Tony Hyde, IT Manager, Newby Castleman

Access to your client’s VAT Submissions

CCH OneClick provides you with visibility on the all the submissions you make to HMRC from a single location.

CCH OneClick Client VAT Submissions report
CCH OneClick VAT Clients list

Visibility on all your VAT submissions

CCH OneClick provides you with a clear view of how many of your clients have made their submissions.

VAT Returns status

Monitor your VAT Returns, irrespective of whether you or your client has made the submission

CCH OneClick VAT Returns Status
The VAT return within CCH OneClick

Continue using your Excel spreadsheets

Submit your VAT returns to HMRC directly from within CCH OneClick. CCH OneClick will automatically validate the data within the spreadsheet before automatically populating HMRC’s online service.

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