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Investment accounting software

Report on the tax impact of investment decisions with ease and make informed and strategic investment decisions with CCH Equity-e.

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CCH Equity-e investment accounting software

Automate complex and technically difficult capital gains tax calculations for life funds, investment banks and financial services companies.

CCH Equity-e - Software integration

Software integration

Integrates with your existing investment management, investment accounting system or portfolio accounting software so that the latest CGT rules are always available to you.

CCH Equity-e - Automated Bliss

Automated bliss

Automates time consuming and technically difficult calculations, implementing the appropriate CGT legislation for every class and type of security in a fund or a client’s portfolio.

CCH Equity-e - Reduced Complexity

Reduced complexity

Provides automatic indexation of gains and performs taper relief calculations for private individuals and trusts.

CCH Equity-e - Reliable and up-to-date

Reliable and up-to-date

Continually updated to ensure compliance with the latest CGT legislation so that calculations are always correct, checking entries for technical accuracy.

CCH Equity-e - Easy reporting

Easy reporting

Results are held in an open database and can be quickly exported to other systems, including Microsoft Office applications, for further analysis and modelling.

CCH Equity-e - 'What if?' calculations

‘What if?’ calculations

Produces reports enabling you to analyse portfolios and assess the tax impact of investment decisions, including instant ‘What if?’ calculations on holdings.

CCH Equity-e - Flexibility


Work on individual funds, groups of funds or across all funds in the system.

CCH Equity-e - Comprehensive audit trail

Comprehensive audit trail

All changes can be annotated so that both clients and HMRC are given full information.

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