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Accurate and up-to-date asset records in a single location

Account for all your fixed assets in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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CCH Fixed Asset Register software

Keep an accurate and up-to-date record of your fixed assets and automate your depreciation calculations.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Clear and accurate asset accounting register

Clear and accurate fixed asset accounting register

Replace outdated, messy spreadsheets with an accurate and up-to-date record of your clients’ assets alongside their accounts production data, keeping everything in one place.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Speed and efficiency

Speed and efficiency

Enter and update asset details at the same time as working on accounts in CCH Accounts Production. This single-handling makes the job fast and efficient.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Automatic depreciation

Automatic depreciation

Depreciation is automatically calculated and applied, saving you time posting entries. CCH Fixed Asset Register software continuously updates depreciation and displays a reconciliation of the fixed asset register balances with the nominal account balances.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Import existing data

Import existing data

Asset data already held in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be imported into CCH Fixed Asset Register, reducing initial setup time and eliminating errors.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Integration with the CCH software suite

Integration with the CCH software suite

Data is shared with CCH Accounts Production, CCH Corporation tax and CCH Personal Tax – saving you from entering the same information in different applications.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Better planning, greater foresight

Better planning, greater foresight

Use up to date information to make better informed decisions. Find out about potential situations before they become problems.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting

Produce a report on all the assets in the register and their depreciation for the period.

CCH Fixed Asset Register - Help and support

Help and support

Free online videos explain exactly how to get started with CCH Fixed Asset Register. Our professional support staff are on hand to provide additional support and assistance.

Accurate and up-to-date records is at the heart of the fixed asset accounting process. CCH Fixed Asset Register makes this simple and quick.

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