Face today’s challenges with document management

Digitally store, share and manage information no matter where it comes from.

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CCH Document Management

Make digital document storage and retrieval in the modern age easy.

CCH Document Management - Store all internal and client information

Store all internal and client information

Bring together information internally and for you and your clients so you can store, share and manage information no matter where it comes from.

CCH Document Management - Centralise customer emails

Centralise customer emails

File all emails and related documents in a single, central location rather than spread across disconnected personal email inboxes.

CCH Document Management - Automatic filing

Automatic filing

Because it’s part of CCH Central, CCH Document Management identifies emails and documents that it can file them against the correct contact with minimal intervention.

CCH Document Management - Security


User logons, audit trails and secure storage help protect company and client information and make disaster recovery easier. Implement a consistent firm-wide retention policy with automated expiry dates.

CCH Document Management - Instant access anytime, anywhere

Instant access anytime, anywhere

Being out of the office no longer means being out of touch. Whether you or everyone engaged on a client job is away from the desk, documents and emails are instantly, simultaneously available.

CCH Document Management - Document creation and sharing

Quick document creation and sharing

Create standard documents from easily edited templates, pre-populated with the contact information held in CCH Central, such as name, address, date of birth and debtor balance.

CCH Document Management - Workflow


Automate the movement of letters and documents through the practice by applying workflow templates.

CCH Document Management - Works with CCH OneClick

Working with CCH OneClick

CCH OneClick provides your clients with instant, secure access to documents, files you want to share with them, together with secure messaging and document approval.

Find out how CCH Document Management can transform the storage and retrieval of documents for you

Store, search, share and retrieve emails, soft copy and paper documents no matter where they come from.

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“Before CCH Document Management, emails were being stored in people’s personal inboxes. If someone was out of the office, no one could access their emails.”

Darren Wingfield, Marketing Manager, Harlands

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Creating a connected practice

In a mobile and connected world, being out of the office shouldn’t mean being out of touch.

Whether you are at a client’s office or working from home, documents and emails are all instantly available, securely protected by user logons and audit trails. Once they’ve been added to the system, documents and other items can be found and opened almost instantly.

CCH Document Management - Connect your practice
CCH Document Management - Send and File

Simplify email filing

With a dedicated ‘send and file’ button, and automatic address recognition, email filing is fast and accurate. Misplaced email addresses will become a thing of the past.

Automating your workflow

The Workflow system in CCH Document Management captures the way your practice works and uses decision trees and optional branching to create sophisticated workflows. These allow you to route documents around the practice, just like handing on a client file, but with automated alerts and tracking.

CCH Document Management - Workflows

Webinar: Improve practice efficiency with CCH Document Management

Watch our one hour webinar to find out how CCH Document Management makes it easier and safer to manage and share information in an accounting practice.

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Improve practice efficiency CCH Document Management Webinar

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