Cloud-based CRM software for your marketing and client data

CRM software that helps practices’ achieve their marketing and business goals – and exceed customer expectations.

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CRM Software for Accountants

From finding prospects, running campaigns and measuring marketing return your practice will benefit from CRM software that integrates fully with the CCH Central suite.

CCH CRM - Eradicate data siloes

Eradicate data siloes

Manage marketing and client data from a single location. Auto update data entered in CCH Central – so you save on admin costs and no more worries about inaccurate or incomplete information.

CCH CRM - Seamless and inclusive integration

Seamless and inclusive integration

CRM software for accountants can run as a standalone system, but data can also be integrated across the CCH Central software suite.

CCH CRM - Universal marketing database

Universal marketing database

Data on all types of contacts, from prospects through to existing clients, can be stored together to drive marketing activity and business development.

CCH CRM - Valuable data insight

Valuable data insight

The powerful reporting engine helps you make use of all the information you hold on your clients and other contacts.

CCH CRM - Cost effective

Cost effective

No hardware or software costs, just a cost-effective annual subscription based on the number of users requiring access.

CCH CRM - Cloud software

Cloud software

Easy setup and access – plus the simple web-based interface means you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

CCH CRM - Automate and improve client service

Automate and improve client service

Bring all of your interactions with clients into a single location, continually refine your services by making use of all the data that your clients supply.

CCH CRM - Manage your lead and sales pipeline

Manage your lead and sales pipeline

Nurture your leads every step of the way along the sales pipeline so you can maximise the number that convert into sales, driving practice growth.

Discover more about how Workbooks works with CCH Central

Hear about how French Duncan, a leading accountancy practice, are using Workbooks, CCH Central and Web Insights to work more efficiently, identify prospects quicker, retrieve actionable insights, achieve the single customer view and ultimately grow their business.

We know that for accountancy practices, managing relationships with clients has to be at the heart of everything they do. Workbooks system integrates seamlessly with CCH Central so it connects to every part your organisation.

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