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Simplify and streamline every step in the tax return process, from data collection and data entry through to review, approval and online filing.

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CCH Personal Tax for Ireland

Optimise every stage of the tax return and preparation process. The result? Fewer keystrokes, fewer mouse clicks and faster navigation throughout.

CCH Personal Tax - Greater e-filing success

Greater e-filing success

CCH Personal Tax IE integrates with ROS by allowing a file containing all the data for the return to be saved and then uploaded to the ROS system. This way you can benefit from the data stored in the CCH Personal Tax IE database whilst fully exploiting the advantages of online filing.

CCH Personal Tax - Complete and file tax return quickly and accurately

Complete and file tax return quickly and accurately

The Errors & Exceptions panel highlights any problems or inconsistencies and allows you to easily amend errors before submitting. You can also populate data directly from CCH Accounts Production.

CCH Personal Tax - The workflow tool

Standardise processes across the tax department using the workflow tool

Customisable workflow templates guide your staff through the tasks they need to perform so that everyone in the practice follows the same procedures every time.

CCH Personal Tax - Faster e-filing transmission

Faster e-filing transmission

Batch e-filing speeds up submission and allows progress to be reviewed across client portfolios.

CCH Personal Tax - Improve the scope of your tax advice

Improve the scope of your tax advice

Additional modules available within CCH Personal Tax allow you to quickly and accurately prepare and review more complex returns. CCH CGT & Dividend Scheduling, for example, simplifies the completion of capital gains tax calculations and automates the population of dividend data.

CCH Personal Tax - Ensure consistent delivery of all items

Ensure consistent delivery of all items

The Tax Return feature allows you to predefine the documents you send to your clients for them to authorise submission of the return to HMRC.

CCH Personal Tax - Global mobility solutions with our Expat modules

Import accounts data

The accounts extract data, required for completing an individual’s Form 11, can either be input manually or imported directly from CCH Accounts Production using the data import feature.

CCH Personal Tax - Simplified return review

Quick income tax computations

Within seconds, CCH Personal Tax IE can deliver accurate and clearly presented income tax computations, very useful when investigating ‘What if?’ scenarios. A drill down facility ensures maximum efficiency when reviewing the computation.

Add Trade Details

You can enter details from each individual trade. This will automatically roll forward year on year saving you time. You can also import the extract from accounts from CCH Accounts Production and maintain the capital allowances schedule.

CCH Personal Tax IE - Add Trade Details
CCH Personal Tax IE - Capital allowances

Capital allowances

Allows you to document and calculate your assets quickly which also rolls on year-on-year saving you time.

Form 11 calculations

You can easily create and produce a detailed summary of a client’s Form 11 calculation. You can sit down with a client and show the breakdown of the calculation prior to submission.

CCH Personal Tax IE - Form 11 calculations
CCH Personal Tax IE - Easily view populated fields

Easily view which fields are populated

Green ticks mark the various areas that contain figures which also highlights the areas still to be populated with the necessary data for submissions.


Schedules are used throughout the software to document data such as as foreign, Irish income and exempt income, which then updates the current year balance for the individual client or spouse.

CCH Personal Tax IE - Schedules

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