Swiftly complete and review disclosure checklists

Reduce time and effectively manage your clients’ disclosure requirements with interactive tailored checklists.

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CCH Interactive Checklist software

Manage checklists including IFRS 102, IFRS 102 section 1A, Micro, LLPs, Charities, Pensions, Full IFRS and FRS 101 the reduced disclosure framework.

CCH Interactive Checklist - Effectively manage your clients’ disclosure requirements

Effectively manage your clients’ disclosure requirements

Complete disclosure checklists for your clients in an efficient and effective environment.

CCH Interactive Checklist - Unlimited Checklists

Unlimited checklists

Create any number of client records and any number of checklists within each client.

CCH Interactive Checklist software - Automated for efficiency

Automated for efficiency

CCH Interactive Checklist automatically tailors the checklist based on answers as you provide them thereby removing questions that are not relevant to the client.

CCH Interactive Checklist software - Information at your fingertips

Information at your fingertips

Questions, completion details and comments are shown in a single view of the checklist for easy on-screen review and sign off.

CCH Interactive Checklist software - On screen review

On-screen review

Easily monitor and clear points raised during completion and record the review of your checklist.

CCH Interactive Checklist software - Audit evidence

Audit evidence

Completed checklists can be printed or saved as a PDF to be filed with your audit working papers.

CCH Interactive Checklist software - Reduce time and effort

Reduce time and effort

Reduces the time and effort required to complete disclosure checklists by removing the need to answer ‘Not Applicable’ to hundreds of irrelevant questions.

CCH Interactive Checklist software - Easily navigate between the display the full checklist or just a subsection

Easy navigation

Easily navigate between the display the full checklist or just a subsection. Filters allow you to quickly identify progress, showing; unanswered questions, questions with comments, points in need of clearing and potential issues.

Effective client management

CCH Interactive Checklist maintains a list of clients and any number of checklists can be created against each client record. Clients can be allocated to a lead partner and office for record purposes and for convenient filtering and sorting of the client list.

CCH Interactive Checklist client management
CCH Interactive Disclosure Checklist Software Working with the checklist

Working with the checklist

Questions can easily be answered by pressing a key on the keyboard or selecting an answer with the mouse. On answering the systems will automatically advance to the next unanswered question. The work area contains the content of the checklist or subsection selected in the navigation area.

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