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Cost effective corporation tax software

Deal with your corporation tax compliance and planning quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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CCH Corporation Tax for Ireland

Comprehensive, flexible and efficient corporation tax software for all the most common corporation tax return types.

CCH Corporation Tax - Fast efficient and accurate

Fast, efficient and accurate

CCH Corporation Tax return software is designed for ease of navigation and speed of data entry, eliminating re-keying and reducing errors. Deal with compliance and planning quickly, efficiently and accurately.

CCH Corporation Tax - Integrated accounting


Both computations and return summary can also be saved as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for archiving or distributing to clients. The clear and professional looking printed form will portray your firm in the best possible light to your clients.

CCH Corporation Tax - Comprehensive computation reports

ROS online filing

CCH Corporation Tax IE was the first corporation tax software product in Ireland to feature integration with the ROS online filing system. You can seamlessly file from CCH Corporation Tax IE through an intuitive process.

CCH Corporation Tax - Errors and exceptions reporting

Errors and exception reporting

Display a list of inconsistent or incomplete information, updated in real-time and prevent filing until errors are corrected. To correct mistakes and finalise the return, simply drill-down from the panel to each error.

CCH Corporation Tax - iXBRL filing

Produce summary information quickly

A Form CT1 tax return summary can be produced showing all sources of income and allowances included on the official tax return form and transmitted to the Revenue via the ROS system. You can print for verification, sign by company directors and retain on file.

CCH Corporation Tax - Loss utilisation

Loss utilisation

The Loss Planner uses system-calculated maximum values available against other sources. To make planning easier, information is displayed in an intuitive loss utilisation grid.

CCH Corporation Tax - Deal with a wide range of returns

Supplementary pages

The summary document may include a number of supplementary pages. For example where there are a large number of shareholders, details of the first four will appear in the main part of the document with the remainder (up to 100 allowed by ROS) printed on supplementary pages.

CCH Corporation Tax - An integrated suite

Secure and speedy

The data required for the return is saved in a separate file, which complies with the Revenue format and specifications. You can simply log onto the ROS website and uploads this file instantly and securely with your data preserved within the CCH CorporationTax IE database.

Integration with CCH Accounts Production

Easily export data from CCH Accounts Production and import into CCH Corporation Tax IE saving you time. For example, you can get an extract of our client’s accounts plus adjusted profit computation.

CCH Corporation Tax IE - Extract of accounts
CCH Corporation Tax IE - Assign dis-allowable amounts

Assign dis-allowable amounts

Using CCH Accounts Production, you can lay down, in either percentage form or balance, of the dis-allowable element of the adjusted profit computation.

Detailed adjusted profit

You can import detailed adjust profit schedule information from CCH Accounts Production to show the total adjusted profit or lost, together with Add Backs and Deductions.

CCH Corporation Tax IE - Detailed adjusted profit
CCH Corporation Tax IE - Capital allowances

Capital allowances

Allows you to document and calculate your assets quickly which also rolls on year-on-year saving you time.

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