Save time and reduce risk with automated audit processes

Reduce paperwork, improve efficiency and have the confidence in making a profit from audit work.

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CCH Audit Automation software

Get the reassurance you need that your audit documentation will stand up to quality inspection and legal challenge.

CCH Audit Automation - Automated audit process

Automated audit processes

Automated processes are more consistent and easier to manage, reduce paperwork and the time to plan, customise and document an audit.

CCH Audit Automation - Paperless audits

Paperless audits

Reduce costs and make information easier and quicker to find – you can also save on office storage space.

CCH Audit Automation - Customised working

Customised working

Adapt and customise documents and audit programmes to suit your clients and auditors.

CCH Audit Automation - Choice of methodologies

Choice of methodologies

Select one of our standard audit methodologies – CCH, PCAS or Mercia – or automate your own.

CCH Audit Automation - Academy audits

Academy audits

Audit packs are available for academies, complementing our academy formats for CCH Accounts Production.

CCH Audit Automation - Identify, manage and minimise risk

Manage risk

Helps you to identify and record risk at every stage in the process. Risk analysis tools allow you to evaluate risks in an ISA-compliant manner.

CCH Audit Automation - Error reduction and quality control

Quality control

Sophisticated quality control procedures are built into every stage of the audit process to reduce errors.

CCH Audit Automation - Secure authorisation

Secure authorisation

During the audit process, checklists and programmes are completed on screen and working papers, comments and notes can be added.

Discover how CCH Audit Automation software will transform your audit process

CCH Audit Automation software gives auditors reassurance that audit documentation will stand up to quality inspection and legal challenge, working to the latest auditing standards in this tough regulatory environment.

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“Reducing the amount of paper involved in the office has allowed us to become more efficient on the audit which means we can focus on the bits of the audit that really matter.”

Tim Neale, Parter – General Practice and Audit, Kirk Rice

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Automation boosts efficiency, saving you time

Our CCH Audit Automation software, tailored for accountants, covers the entire process of performing an audit, from engagement to sign-off. As the audit progresses, the software displays a summary of all outstanding tests and checklist questions, and a list of the documents that still must be reviewed.

CCH Audit Automation - Engagement to sign off
CCH Audit Automation - Planning sign off

Minimising risk and sharing the compliance burden

Automation guides is a guide to help you navigate the correct procedures, ensuring consistent, high quality results. The risk-based model identifies and records risk at every stage of an audit.

Quality control is built into the process.

Linking to accounts production

CCH Audit Automation links to all major accounts production systems including CCH Accounts Production. To initiate an audit programme, simply import a trial balance.

CCH Audit Automation - Import trial balance

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