Powerful accounting practice management software

Manage your clients and your practice with ease. Produce, collaborate and track the progress of both upcoming and past work to improve practice performance.

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CCH Practice Management software

Get ahead with accounting practice management software that allows you to eliminate bottlenecks and manage workflows.

CCH Practice Management - Capture chargeable time

Capture chargeable time

Ensure accurate timesheets using the data entry tools. Complete with options for mobile users that sync with Microsoft Outlook.

CCH Practice Management - Easily control WIP

Easily control WIP

Identify and deal with unbilled WIP before it becomes entrenched. CCH Practice Management combines a graphical display of WIP with instant drill-down to the underlying data.

CCH Practice Management - Improve cash flow and profitability

Improve cash flow and profitability

Bills awaiting approval can appear as workflow items, helping to improve cash flow and practice profitability.

CCH Practice Management - Generate bills quickly and easily

Generate bills quickly and easily

The billing wizard guides users through the entire process. Drill down to task level to allocate fees and write-offs, use existing billing templates in Microsoft Word, and bill and record receipts in foreign currencies.

CCH Practice Management - Pre-empt credit control issues

Pre-empt credit control issues

Spot issues before they become problems. The credit control dashboards give direct access to information about debtors. With single-click tools you can drill down to the underlying data and a full billing history.

CCH Practice Management - Track progress

Track progress

Allocate work according to your employees’ individual skills and job requirements. A wall chart-style planner gives you full view of employee jobs, helping to avoid unexpected overruns and unnecessary overtime.

CCH Practice Management - Monitor timesheet completion

Monitor timesheet completion

With the help of CCH KPI Monitoring, you can monitor timesheet completion across your team or practice.

CCH Practice Management - An integrated suite

An integrated suite

CCH Practice Management is part of Wolters Kluwer’s suite of software products which share data through CCH Central, making it possible for you to report, access and use practice management, tax and accounting information across the entire practice.

Take your practice management into your own hands

Employees are the most important asset in any practice, but they’re also its greatest cost, so it’s vital their time is utilised as efficiently as possible. With ever-changing legislation and lowering margins for compliance work, find out how CCH Practice Management can help your practice work as efficiently as possible.

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“If timesheet entry is easy and quick, it encourages staff to keep them up to date; late or inaccurate timesheets will affect debtor’s days and write offs. With CCH Practice Management, appointments entered in Microsoft Outlook can be turned directly into timesheet entries so the information only has to be entered once.”

Susie Liman, Simmons Gainsford

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Have a clear picture on what your team is working on

With CCH Practice Management it’s easy to avoid unexpected job overruns and unnecessary overtime. A wall-chart style planner shows at a glance all the jobs the team is working on, and how they’re progressing.

Wolters Kluwer CCH Practice Management Planner
Wolters Kluwer CCH Central Screenshot

Capture time no matter when or where you are

CCH Practice Management gives remote and mobile staff a choice of data entry options. This means no delays in the capture of time, saving time and hassle all round and the easier it is for our staff to enter their time, the more accurate it will be.

Personalised home pages

Make sure your team keeps on top of what’s important to them with a personalised home screen. This enables you to keep an eye on WIP, debtors, what people are working on and how long they’ve spent on each job.

Wolters Kluwer CCH Central Screenshot

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