Helping your practice reach its full potential with expert software consultancy

Make the most of your software, from implementation to optimal usage with bespoke consultancy.

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Professional services: Consultancy

Get more out of your software with consultancy from experts both in the industry and in Wolters Kluwer software.

Product consultancy

Consultancy begins and ends with your practice’s needs at the heart of the engagement. The agenda, coverage and information are tailored to fit what your practice needs to make the most of your software.

200 years collective experience

Our consultants combine a deep product knowledge and training expertise with real-world experience of accounting and tax. Many of our consultants have worked in practice, with the software they consult in.

Boost profitability

A consultancy service reviews how you use the software and helps you make the most of the features and functions that can help you boost your productivity and profitability.

Ongoing support and training

Our consultants can support you at every stage of your journey, from reviewing the functionality on installation with you to later making recommendations on key time savings.

Reduce wasted time with best practice tips

See significant time savings with best practice software tips to help you see the full benefit of your investment.

Change management

Changing software can be overwhelming and it’s important not to manipulate the software simply to fit old inefficient processes. We help you review business requirements and make sure you implement the software functionality effectively from new, utilising efficient processes and features of the software.

Exposure to product specialists

Onsite consultation gives you the opportunity to spend a full day with product specialists, where you can benefit from their software experience and share your questions and feedback. We can also offer services remotely if this is something you need.

Keep up with new product releases

Our consultants produce summary videos hosted on our eLearning channels that will help you keep up to date with new features from product releases – helping you make the most of each new feature.


Consultancy services

Our technical consultants can help you with a range of services from implementation and data migration to bespoke software development.

Our technical consultants can help you with a range of services, working alongside your in-house IT team or a third party provider. We can install the product(s), perform server moves or provide advice on optimal technical implementation. Our team of experts can also deliver services outside of core business hours if required to ensure you minimise downtime for your end users.

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If you adopt another piece of software from the Wolters Kluwer suite, our consultants will help you navigate the components, database moves and guidance on any workstation changes that may be required. This is bespoke to suit your environment.

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Your data is your most important business asset. Our team can provide advice and help you through the process of handling your data and converting it from your current provider to work within the CCH software suite. Experts in their field, the data services team will partner with you to explain the responsibilities and milestones in order to help you get the very best results from your CCH Central software. They can also help you move your data onto the CCH Central system in an efficient way.

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Over the course of time, data may become inaccurate due to invalid entries, deletions, changes, and even staff turnover. Our team can help you with the process of detecting, correcting or manipulating data from within CCH Central.

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We can help you to integrate your CCH Central database with other systems you may have, through CCH Central API development work. Our team can write client specific homepages and screens or functionality to complement the existing products.

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You may have a requirement that is unique to your practice. Our team will work with you to develop a dedicated plug-in to suit your requirements. If you need a report that cannot be produced using our standard reporting options, we can help define and produce the report using various techniques.

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