CCH Integrator

The world’s most evolved tax compliance and reporting software

Business is complex; organisations need to optimise their current operations, be agile in the way they respond to changing market conditions, and ensure they comply with a shifting raft of tax and financial compliance and reporting requirements.

Designed in collaboration with leading tax professionals and optimised over a decade through real client interactions, CCH Integrator is the world’s most evolved tax compliance and reporting software.

A cloud based solution that enhances the way you see, consolidate and report on your operational data, CCH Integrator gives you the confidence and real time insights to make better decisions, faster.

Efficiency, Flexibility, Rigour

A series of flexibly designed modules is at the heart of CCH Integrator to streamline compliance and inject organisational efficiency, rigour and flexibility. Available to self-host or hosted in the cloud by us, CCH Integrator provides anytime, anywhere access to a single source of corporate data and a collaborative work platform.

A truly integrated cloud based platform, CCH Integrator offers both stability and agility, which is why it is trusted by over 300 corporations across 80 countries globally.

Available for head office, regional or branch offices the solution delivers global reach coupled with unrivalled efficiency and assures consistency, transparency, accuracy and best practice across all scales of business.

Integrated Modules

An integrated, modular and supremely flexible solution, CCH Integrator can be easily configured to fit your business and reporting requirements, now and as your business changes. We continuously improve our software, responding to market and regulatory changes to ensure you have the latest tax reporting and compliance technology at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere.

Integrated and regularly updated modules help corporations manage, streamline and automate their compliance and corporate reporting obligations, including:

  • Direct Tax
  • Indirect Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Tax Transparency
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Reporting

Flexibility is assured with CCH Integrator’s Configure your Own capability which leverages a series of standard report templates and end-user configurable templates that can be used to design a solution to exactly match the requirements of the business.

Progressive business leaders across tax and finance choose CCH Integrator; it’s the indispensable tool for streamlining the data collection complex calculation process. Take control.

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