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Successful businesses understand the vital importance of keeping working environments safe at all times for their staff, customers and visitors.  Threats to health and safety come from many sources, including dangerous machinery, toxic substances, working with display screen equipment and even workplace stress.

The difficult job of dealing with these issues is made more challenging by the need to comply with constantly changing regulations and laws, but we’re here to help you manage them as effectively and efficiently as possible.



Online knowledge

In a single service Croner-i Health & Safety gives instant, online access to all the knowledge and resources that a health and safety team or individual need to ensure their vital work has maximum impact on their organisation.

Online information covers workplace health and hazards, fire and food safety, accidents and waste management and other vital topics.

Free from confusing legalese, its clear, practical advice helps you achieve compliance more easily and work towards best practice.


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EHS software

Verifield EHS software puts you in control of the entire health and safety management process, from reporting to resolution.

The free RiskReporter app allows workplace colleagues to instantly record and report unsafe situations using their smartphone.

Their notifications are automatically picked up by the Verifield RiskReporter software, bringing everything together in one place and making it easy for you to manage and report on risks and unsafe situations across your organisation.


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The right kind of training helps to build a resilient and effective health and safety culture in any organisation.

Our online e-learning resource, Health and Safety Trainer, helps you deliver exactly this kind of training, without staff needing specialist training skills.

It enables you to easily roll out health and safety training, bringing to life the practices required to nurture a safer work culture and reduce the risk of claims and prosecutions against your organisation.


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