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Help for HR professionals with the daily challenges of their demanding roles

Employees are every organisation’s most important asset, so it’s no surprise that HR is at the heart of all truly successful businesses.  

With such a vital role to play, the job of an HR professional provides constant challenges across a range of disciplines and we’re here to help you face them.  Whether it’s developing a strategy for improving employee engagement, managing change, encouraging diversity or dealing with complex employment laws, we’re here to help.

Equality and diversity eLearning

Developing and supporting a successful equality and diversity culture requires much more than just following a set of rules.

Our essential, online eLearning resource, Equality and Diversity Trainer, helps you deliver the kind of equality and diversity training which really brings to life the practices required to nurture an inclusive work culture, thereby reducing the risk of discrimination claims in your organisation.

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Croner-i online information and resources

Across the UK, thousands of HR professionals – and non-specialists with HR responsibilities – rely on Croner-i Human Resources solutions for advice and support 24/7.  Our online information, resources, news and best practice advice help you stay at the very top of your game by answering your most pressing HR and Health & Safety questions, for example:

  • What legal responsibilities do we have when employing migrant workers?
  • What are the pros and cons of the various approved share option schemes?
  • How do I implement a successful corporate social responsibility initiative?
  • How will the new Shared Parental Leave affect us?
  • What’s the best way to deal with workplace bullying? Could my company be held "vicariously liable"?
  • What’s the most efficient way to provide health and safety induction training?

Croner-i Human Resources solutions offer a range of optional extras, including a full salary benchmarking tool and tailored content for local government, the NHS and the police.

“Although I also use lawyers for advice, I find Croner-i HR a useful employment resource because it’s easy to navigate and I can access the information I need quickly, both in depth and in summary as the need arises.

Whilst there are several other HR information products on the market I have always been impressed by the quality and accuracy of the content of the Croner titles and their easy to understand language and format. It’s for this reason that I continue to subscribe to the service and would recommend it to other HR professionals.”

Paul Forrest
Group Employee Relations Manager, Arcadia Group Ltd


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