Croner-i Business Essentials

When you are running a small business, decisions of every kind end-up at your door. Without the vast resources of a larger company, you need access to high quality information and guidance that will help you compete more effectively.

Croner-i Business Essentials, unlike other information sources, provides reliable resources on all aspects of running and growing a business, including useful tools, and information on compliance with the latest employment and health and safety legislation.

Information and insight that you can rely on

Running a small business is tough. Everyone and everything demands your time – customers, staff, suppliers, the bank... and then there are all those rules and regulations – statutory sick pay, recycling and waste disposal, health and safety training, workplace discrimination, financial record keeping, trademark infringement...

Customers like Croner-i Business Essentials because as well as protecting your organisation from the risks of prosecution and business failure, its wealth of practical advice and guidance will actually help you to develop your team and grow your business.

A subscription to Croner-i Business Essentials includes access to our Business Support Helpline for expert telephone advice on employment, health & safety, HR, tax, payroll and legal issues.

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Key features of Croner-i Business Essentials

  • Guidance on legislation and best practice relating to most aspects of running a business
  • News and information updated daily
  • Quick facts and in-depth information, covering hundreds of topics
  • Step-by-step guides on a number of business processes, including common HR, workplace safety and employment issues
  • Model policies, factsheets, sample forms and letters for you to download and use
  • Weekly email alerts to keep you up to date with changes

Plus, it’s designed to work with most browsers and screen sizes – so you can keep up to date when on the move.