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HFM Tax & Accounts

2019-01-25T10:56:44+00:0023 January 2019|

Integrated software: an essential ingredient in HFM’s business strategy. CCH software has played an important part in the business since its early days, with the number of modules being used extending over time from core compliance on to CCH Document Management and CCH Practice Management.

Rickard Luckin

2019-01-23T13:22:31+00:0023 January 2019|

“We have the comfort of knowing that we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s on corporation tax.” CCH Corporation Tax does the job “quickly, efficiently and reliably” at Rickard Luckin

CCH Central Brochure

2018-11-12T13:43:14+00:0022 October 2018|

CCH Central software suite brochure These are challenging times for tax and accounting professionals. There are new requirements - like MTD and GDPR; continuing pressure on fees, especially for basic compliance; and a new generation of business owners [...]

Kirk Rice

2018-11-21T08:44:10+00:0019 October 2018|

Find out how having the Wolters Kluwer CCH Audit Automation software helped this firm to not only cope with regulatory changes but also thrive as others struggled.


2018-11-21T17:02:11+00:0019 October 2018|

Realising it's impossible to guarantee the security of standard emails, this practice is using a secure client portal to send and receive files and messages.


2018-11-21T08:35:13+00:0019 October 2018|

More and more clients are comfortable with technology and expect to be able to interact with their accountant digitally, making Wolters Kluwer software an ideal fit.

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