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2018-11-12T13:43:14+00:0022 October 2018|

CCH Central software suite brochure These are challenging times for tax and accounting professionals. There are new requirements - like MTD and GDPR; continuing pressure on fees, especially for basic compliance; and a new generation of business owners [...]

Kirk Rice

2018-11-21T08:44:10+00:0019 October 2018|

Find out how having the Wolters Kluwer CCH Audit Automation software helped this firm to not only cope with regulatory changes but also thrive as others struggled.


2018-11-21T17:02:11+00:0019 October 2018|

Realising it's impossible to guarantee the security of standard emails, this practice is using a secure client portal to send and receive files and messages.


2018-11-21T08:35:13+00:0019 October 2018|

More and more clients are comfortable with technology and expect to be able to interact with their accountant digitally, making Wolters Kluwer software an ideal fit.


2018-11-20T20:45:16+00:0019 October 2018|

Find out why the flexible design of the CCH Central database made it a better choice than alternatives for this firm looking to exploit new opportunities.

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