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Making it easier for staff to give outstanding care

Care providers, including care home managers and domiciliary service providers, are in the front line of providing vital services to some of the most vulnerable in society.

In performing this work they face daily challenges, such as successfully meeting CQC standards, keeping up-to-date with changing regulations and handling regular inspections.

Croner-i Care

Croner-i Care can support you and your team by providing a single, authoritative and up-to-date source of information and tools.

Unlike other information sources, Croner-i has all the information you need in one place, making it easier for the care specialists to stay better informed of the changes that impact their care home or service and thus effectively manage the CQC process.

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Care Staff Training

Croner-i Care Staff Training provides a comprehensive, self-contained induction programme for your staff.

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Care Home Management

Croner-i Care Home Management is a comprehensive online information service for care home providers and their staff.

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Free eBook for Care Homes: Giving medication without knowledge

Croner-i Care_HOMEMEDs_eBook_thumbnail.pngIn our latest eBook we offer the latest guidance and best practice related to the situations where covert administration may have to be considered as a last resort.

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Free eBook for Domiciliary Care Services: Administering medication in home care

Croner-i Care_DOMC_eBook thumbnail.pngProviders are legally responsible for training their staff and assessing that they are competent in the safe handling and administration of medicines.

This eBook offers essential guidance for all staff who administer medicines or formally observe their administration.

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