Overwhelmed by GDPR?

Wolters Kluwer’s GDPR solution, CCH GDPR Compliance, reduces the risk of non-compliance by giving accountancy practices and their clients an intuitive cloud-based hub with customised, thoughtful workflows to simplify the compliance process by organising it into clear, simple and assignable tasks.

  • Find your optimum toolset
    Complete a short initial assessment to find and enable exactly those GDPR compliance tools you need.
  • Simplify compliance
    Don't let GDPR compliance work impact your fee earning potential. Simple checklists and workflows steer you through your journey to full compliance.
  • Reduce non-compliance risks
    Update all your privacy notices from a single location; log and report data breaches to avoid heavy penalties.
  • Train your staff
    It's vital that your staff understand how to apply GDPR policies and procedures. Run professional online awareness and training programmes with no extra effort on your part.
  • Reduce costs
    An annual subscription can cost less than one day's consultancy.
  • A tool for your clients
    Sell or recommend the system to your SME clients to help them comply. Generous discounts to help you create a valuable revenue stream.

GDPR is now a reality. The objective is now to stay compliant with a minimum amount of effort, our online solution is a simple and cost-effective route to initial and ongoing compliance and staff training.

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“Organisations that are well prepared for GDPR have a distinct competitive advantage over those that are not.  If clients ask us about GDPR, we want to be able to show that we understand the issues involved and that we’re taking all reasonable steps to comply. 

GDPR introduces a new principle of accountability - it's not enough to just comply with the regulations, you have to be able to demonstrate compliance and prove the governance measures you’ve put in place. The GDPR compliance software makes this much easier to do, which is just one of the ways in which it helps us.“

Andrew Guy, IT Director, French Duncan

An intuitive interface and thoughtfully constructed compliance workflows simplify the compliance programme and organise it into clear, simple tasks