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Webinar: Open Integration, a game changer for data integration  

Clients have a greater choice of bookkeeping solutions than ever before. You might be required to support 5, 10 or even 20 different bookkeeping solutions or versions of data. The speed and quantity of data today as well as the added pressure GDPR compliance has necessitated the need for future-proofed systems that produce accurate data in real time.

Live Webinar: Thursday 10th October, 10am

With challenge comes opportunities. Advisors are in a better position than ever to offer additional value-added services. Wolters Kluwer is the first supplier that can offer the advisor a solution to support a strategy of choice for multi-bookkeeping solutions.

It is not a myth but a toolset within CCH OneClick, Open Integration. Built around the principles of openness and collaboration, Open Integration delivers a framework that allows the advisor to integrate with any cloud bookkeeping solution they want.

Join this webinar with Lead Product Manager Phil Thornton and Senior Technology Product Manager Lamorna Harris who will show you how Open Integration will change the way you deal with data.

In this webinar, you will find out:

  • what is Open Integration
  • why Open Integration is different to other solutions
  • how you can make sure of the new enhancements within the software
  • information about enhancements that are still due to come

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