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Webinar: Moving from compliance to advisory with CCH OneClick and Finsit

Driving efficiency and boosting profitability is an age-old goal for every practice. However, the goalposts are shifting for many due to the ever-changing compliance and political landscape that we are operating in.

Live Webinar: Tuesday 12th November, 10.30am

Practices are looking at ways to expand their services to remain profitable. Advisory services will play a critical part in the evolution of practices as they face the growth challenge head on. In this session find out how the market landscape is changing and how technology can support you with this transition.

Join our free webinar on Tuesday 12th November at 10.30am with our experts Gareth Cram – Product, Strategy & Transformation Director and Phil Thornton – Lead Technology Product Manager for Digital, to find out how to prepare your practice for change and start the move to advisory with CCH OneClick and Finsit.

During this webinar you will:

  • Hear about the challenges facing the industry and the productivity gains to be found.
  • Learn how to be a proactive advisor in an uncertain landscape.
  • Understand why advisory services are key to replacing lost compliance revenue.
  • See a demo of how you can make this transition with CCH OneClick and our new financial insights platform Finsit.
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