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Webinar: How to bridge the gap between MTD and VAT with CCH OneClick

Join Phil Thornton who will demonstrate how you can use CCH OneClick to bridge the gap between MTD and VAT, without impacting your current processes.

Live Webinar: Thursday 29th November, 10am

In April 2019 the HMRC online interface where 87% of accountants currently manually enter VAT submissions will no longer be available for those over the VAT threshold. Today, even where the client uses a bookkeeping package, many accountants export the VAT figures into a spreadsheet to make further adjustments, such as partial exemption calculations, where the bookkeeping software cannot cope with that level of complexity.

Choice is key for advisors. Many practices will be using a combination of multiple bookkeeping products alongside spreadsheets to calculate the VAT return prior to submitting to HMRC. Our solution enables you to continue using your VAT spreadsheets. Using the CCH OneClick technology, we can comply with HMRC’s requirements by feeding data from these spreadsheets directly into our solution and onto HMRC. This will enable you to maintain many of your current processes.

Join this webinar hosted by Phil Thornton, Senior Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer who will show you how CCH OneClick enables your transition to the new VAT regulations.

In this webinar you will hear:

  • A reminder of the facts around the HMRC VAT Notice 700/22
  • Demonstration of how CCH OneClick provides a painless transition to MTD for VAT
  • Practical advice about your choices for MTD for VAT, and making it work for you