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Learn from our experts to improve your utilisation of CCH Practice Management.

Our live webinars aim to help you unlock the full potential of the CCH Central software suite, delivered by Wolters Kluwer Professional Services Consultants who combine deep product knowledge and training expertise with real-world experience of accounting and tax.

This CCH Practice Management webinar session has been designed for new and existing users of the system who complete timesheets. Our facilitators will use live demonstrations to provide an overview of the purpose of the filtering function used in reporting, and how to add time to the work in progress using various timesheets styles. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to address your common user issues.

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Course programme content

  • Timesheet settings
  • Outlook style timesheets
  • Using timesheet timer
  • Daily timesheet with weekly view
  • Creating timesheet entries from tasks
  • Other hints and tips

After this webinar you will learn and understand:

  • The benefits and best practice use of timesheets
  • How to set styles in Microsoft Outlook
  • View and create timesheets
  • Use of tasks