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Webinar: 24/7 remote mobile access to your entire practice

Working remotely has never been more important. You can now work smarter with Wolters Kluwer Hosting (power by Hosted Desktop UK) in a secure environment. Access your data and software anywhere, at any time on any device with a virtual IT environment using an internet connection.

Webinar: Tuesday 23rd June, 11.00am

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Wolters Kluwer Hosting (powered by Hosted Desktop UK) is a virtual desktop solution that provides a secure infrastructure for your business critical applications and data. It looks feels and behaves exactly the same and is always available from any device through an internet connection. There is no need to worry about software updates, replacing outdated hardware or day-to-day IT issues. This fail-safe backup system gives you peace of mind that your business-critical data is protected from data loss.

Join Dean Shepherd and Paul Brace to learn how Wolters Kluwer Hosting can help your practice spend more time on tasks that provide value and measurable returns for the business.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • What a hosted desktop is and how it allows anyone to work from anywhere at any time
  • How to save time, effort and money by outsourcing your IT infrastructure and support
  • Increase security, reliability and backup retrieval in the cloud
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