eBook: How to manage technology change in an accountancy practice.

Technology is constantly evolving. New developments and concepts bring rise to more automated methods and new approaches.

Change over the next few years will be unavoidable for practices looking to make the most of the new technology available.

Successfully managing technology change in any organisation requires well thought-out processes and execution plans.

If you’re considering if the software in your practice is achieving the best results, we’ve put together this eBook for you.

In this guide you’ll get insight on:

  • Setting a strategy and achieving buy-in across the organisation
  • Weighing up your system and technology requirements
  • Creating a successful implementation plan and driving an IT project
  • Prioritising queries post implementation helping ensure successful deployment
  • Plus read four case studies from top accountancy firms across the country from, Price Bailey, Goodman Jones, Menzies and d&t.

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