MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Find out how MHA MacIntyre Hudson uses CCH KPI Monitoring to deliver key information direct to partners’ inboxes.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson are a firm of chartered accountants, tax and business advisers, who partner with entrepreneurs and individuals interested in profitable growth.

We’ve been using CCH KPI Monitoring since 2006 and the alerts we’re currently running have proved to be very useful.

Some of our alerts are used to automate processes that would otherwise have to be done manually. The alert that prompts people to complete their timesheet saves admin time every week.

Our marketing team receives an alert each month showing them upcoming client birthdays for the following month and a summary of clients and contacts that have been created for each office in the previous month. This way they get key information in their inbox automatically, without the need for any intervention from anyone.

The partners across the practice get monthly alerts providing them with an overview of their debtors for various date ranges and they find this to be particularly useful.

One of the many benefits of CCH KPI Monitoring is that each alert can be fully customised to match individual requirements.

Karl Olson, Database Coordinator
MacIntyre Hudson, Milton Keynes

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