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A reliable source of information and guidance for small and medium sized businesses

When you're running a small business, decisions of every kind end-up at your door. Without the vast resources of a larger company, you need access to high quality information and guidance that will help you compete more effectively.

Croner-i Business Essentials brings together all the information and guidance you need in one, up to date and reliable source. It covers all aspects of running and growing a business, including useful tools and information on compliance with the latest employment and health and safety legislation.

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Croner-i Business Essentials

  • Guidance on legislation and best practice relating to most aspects of running a business
  • News and information updated daily
  • Quick facts and in-depth information, covering hundreds of topics
  • Works with most browsers, screens and devices to deliver information and advice on the go
  • Step-by-step guides on a number of business processes, including common HR, workplace safety and employment issues
  • Model policies, factsheets, sample forms and letters for you to download and use
  • Weekly email alerts to keep you up to date with changes

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